Bayswater East West??

  1. Can anyone out there tell me the name of this one. Cant find it anywhere online, think it is a Bayswater East West but not sure. 20181129_165717.jpg
  2. It sort of looks like an East West Bays but I’ve never seen the top flap is angled like that... I would highly recommend getting this authenticated if you’re thinking of buying it.
  3. Thanks, it has a new postmans lock fitted by Mullbery in Somerset, and I have a receipt for the work, so I think it is authentic but just dont know the style. But thanks anyway.
  4. Getting some work done by Mulberry doesn't indicate authenticity, unfortunately. They have repaired fakes in the past and declined to repair perfectly genuine items! There is a specific pinned thread called Identify this Mulberry at the top of this page, where you can post to ask if anyone knows the name. However, this was not a widely produced model, presuming it is genuine, but I think it was called Isabella, or something similar.
  6. Thanks for your help guys.