Bayswater dilemma...

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm having a little Bayswater dilemma and need your help.

    The very first designer bag that ever attracted my eyes was the Bayswater when I was 17. At that time, my mum was looking for a work bag so I suggested it to her and she got a Bays in black buffalo (she wasn't a fan of the unlined interior of the regular leather one) However, after a few months she gave it to me as she found it too heavy for her and she knew I was in love with that bag. A few years have passed and I now have a few other designer bags that I use on a daily basis (included my everyday bag which is the black Roxy that I love to pieces) and, well, my beloved Bays barely sees daylight anymore and the reason is simply that my style has changed and while I used to love classic and professional looking bags I now much prefer more relaxed and younger styles. I still love the style of the Bays though as well as the fact that I can use it for work which is why I am considering selling the black buffalo one and get a brighter Bays instead... I've been thinking about it for a while now but was always scared of regretting it later as I thought a bright bag might not last me as long and that I might not want to use it when I'll get older and have an actual career (I'm 22 btw and am still a student / doing internships) So, what do you guys think? Should I find a new home for the black buffalo Bays and get myself a brighter one? If so, do you have any suggestions of colours / styles? I am thinking of a patent one but can't seem to find them on the Mulberry website anymore...

    Thanks so much :smile:
  2. I'm having a similar(ish) dilemma with myself in that I'd like a Bayswater and don't know whether to go for a classic colour or something that stands out a little more. I think I've decided on the latter as I have other bags I can use in classic colours - a White Alexa Hobo and a Black Oversized Lily. From the sounds of it you have an alternative Black bag that you could use.

    I'm only 23 myself, and although I'm working and want to look professional at work I still think accessories are where you can afford to have a little fun!

    I vote for selling the black and buying one you truly love in a more "you" colour!
  3. Hi ladies!! - being (a little!!!!) older than you both - I am nonetheless stoked with my recent RO Bays - I can envisage using her (as I do already with my other coloured bags) a heck of a lot!! - imo a pop of colour is lovely and uplifting - and as you say you have your black/neutrals as general workhorses - so be brave and have some fun!!....but it may become addictive;):graucho:
  4. I'm 31 and in a profession where I'm contracted out to various companies and industries, mainly in the financial and legal fields and I love, and frequently carry bright bags!

    I think the quality and style of expensive bags shines through, regardless of the colour, and so looks stylish.
  5. I say get a bright colourful bag you will enjoy carrying. You can buy a classic colour bays later if your style/career dictates.
  6. I've always had black bags despite my huge love of pink, I vowed when I recently got back into Mulberry to not just buy black bags, buy something you really love and if it's a pop of colour you are after GO FOR IT!!! Also on the plus side of all this your black bays will still fetch a good price :biggrin:
  7. Thanks a lot for all your helpful comments ladies! I'm more and more thinking of getting a patent leather Bays if I can find one, maybe light pink or blue :smile:
  8. I agree with the other ladies, you should get a colourful bag that you will get more use out of. A colourful bag livens up a dark/neutral office outfit and looks fantastic!
  9. I'm 25 and have several bays in different colours (except black!) I think with the classic look of the bays that you can get away with the brightest colour and still look professional. There will always be black and oak bays, whereas colours can be seasonal, so buy colours now and buy black later if needed. I warn you though, once you start buying bays, it is hard to stop!
  10. I think you should keep black Bays and save to get one in another colour. Prices are going up all the time for these bags! It is nice to have a fun pop of colour as well but my Black Bays gets the most used out of them all as it works for all occasions.

    I am in health/ academia so maybe we are a bit more staid?
  11. Hello,

    I am not sure where was the best place to ask this but does anyone know if the black patent bayswater ever came with gold hardware rather than silver?

  12. If your bays was your only black bag I would say hold on to it, but you use your roxy alot.
    So I think your safe to buy a coloured bag. You can always get another black bays anytime, tho cprincess is right the prices are always going up.

    I had a watermelon mulberry which I sold & miss the pop of colour now.
  13. I'd keep black bays and save up for the sale and buy a seasonal colour then or maybe from an outlet.
  14. Yes I agree with gunsandbanjos! :p
  15. Yip, that's an even better idea