Bayswater - design change - help needed

  1. Hi,
    I'm new here - and joined because I'm concerned as I just sold my Mulberry Bayswater on an auction site. It is genuine and I bought it from the store in Bond St.

    Looking around at the competition, I realised that the bags on offer have a Mulberry gold disc inside. Mine doesnt! Does this mean all the ones that have discs are fakes, or has Mulberry added this to their design?

    My bag is 4-5 years old - I bought it the first or second release. I only sold it because we are moving and I have a silly amount of bags. That was the oldest and least used, but I'm a bit worried that the buyer may think its a fake.

    Any feedback welcome.
  2. Some bags have a disc, some discs can be gold, brass, silver or a bronze colour depending on the exterior hardware. Some discs have a serial number on the back, some don't. Some bags do not have a disc at all. There are many variations, and if the person that has bought your bag knows about Mulberry, they should be able to easily tell that the bag is real.
  3. Thats good, anyway I can always get a note from the store, or she can send it there for inspection.

    Thankyou - ;)