Bayswater colour - am I duplicating?

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  1. I knew I wanted a new bays in a nvt colour, and I got a new oak from biscester. It arrived today, but now I'm not sure whether I should have got black or chocolate...... I have an old kensington, I don't use it a lot, but getting it out today has reminded me. I know it's not the same, but it's got a similar vibe about it to the oak bays.

    Oh dear - Bisceter has no black or choc left now. Do they tend to go first? I have a nice large black leather bag (a Gerard darel plum bag) but no other large dark brown choc bags.

    What would you do??

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  2. I love the oak, both bags are beautiful. I say use and enjoy.
  3. You cant have too many oak bags IMO...oak bays is the classic bays
  4. This!

    oak Bays is the ultimate Mulberry (IMHO)
  5. The oak is beautiful, and will always remain classic!
  6. That Kensington is a beauty get her,out,and get,using her in the sun...or send her,here I will look after her,lol
  7. Oak is so much nicer than black or chocolate in my opinion. To me those bags look completely different and don't feel similar at all, I would definitely keep it. On another note in reference to your other thread, that looks to me like the new style lock plate although from Bicester?
  8. Oak is beautiful, it's so true. The plates are a bit shiner in the photos than irl. The sa mentioned about a black outline around the mulberry tree, but I can't remember whether that was on old or new or...... Confusing. For the price though, I'm happy.
  9. Oak is the best! She's the creme de la creme! Enjoy her x
  10. I know all the fuss and confusion over lock plates! The black outline was on the older style.
  11. I'd def' stick with Oak - am a little biased as I really don't like Choc' bags at all & only like a limited number of styles in black too (!!), but, I think Oak "works" on all the styles & is so very classy / goes with everything (lovely bags, both of them) xx
  12. I think it looks lovely deliakate & I don't think you can ever have too many oak bags! However, I think it'd probably be better to swap it for a choc or black if you don't think you'll get much use out of it. Good luck
  13. This

    In my opinion the Oak Bays tend to sell out from the outlets faster than either the black or chocolate and the outlets also appear get the Oak in stock less frequently. I don't have any evidence to back up that opinion though.
  14. Just registered on here and having a similar but different dilemma... My lovely mother has just bought me the bayswater in this seasons ballet pink and I'm wondering if I should exchange it for the more timeless classic oak..more practical and worried that the nude shade will wear badly and not be such a timeless classic?.
  15. I would swap for oak as I think you would get more use from that colour.