Bayswater colors

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  1. I really want a Mulberry Bayswater. Can anybody tell me what colors they have come in? Has it ever been made in red? Thanks, everybody.
  2. Baywaters are available in most colours and yes red is an available colour,which I believe they have in stock sometimes at the outlets..
  3. Thank you, Tara.
  4. At the moment Shepton Mallet outlet has bayswaters in white (leather & patent), berry red, fuchsia pink patent, vanilla, coral (nice!). I didn't really look at the winter colours but you might like to give them a call - 01749 340583.
  5. Hi! I'm new to Mulberry, I just wanted to start a new thread on Bayswater colours too.
    I've always thought the Baywater will be too big, but it wasn't when I walked in and tried on for size.

    Can I ask if the Bayswater in black is really popular? It's sold out at my local store and online.
    Also does the Bayswater or the ledbury come in Aqua or turquoise? That's my TDF colour of the moment.
  6. I have the Bays in black and love it! HAven't seen the Bays or Ledbury in aqua, but with the Mabel in that color, maybe it's in the future. Some of the girls have seen the coral Bays which looks great!
  7. Has anyone seen the pebble bays irl? the pic on netaporter somehow looks more beige than grey, while the mabel in pebble looks greyer, which i like alot more.... wonder if its cos its a different leather or the photo?
  8. Yes! I thought the Bays look good in black. Does it come in different kinds of hardware as well?
    I've seen the coral Bays irl, and they're really pretty! But I would love an aqua or plum/purple bag(s) right now. :tup:
  9. Are the Bayswaters easy to find in the US? Where on line can I find a red one? Thanks in advance!
  10. IRL it is more a beige, but the sort that Hermès calls étoupe, and Chloé calls it elephant, a very neutral color that blends in nicely with everything.
  11. And if you like grey, have you seen the special Bentley edition grey patent one?
  12. That pebble Bays with silver hardware on NAP looks like an entirely different bag really, or is that just because I'm not really an expert on Bayswaters?
  13. Thanks speedyqueen for the info. No, haven't seen the bentley one irl, in pix it looks great with the red lining, but i'm not crazy about the 'bentley' engraving...

    Btw your purple bays is fantastic, i've never liked ostrich but it's completely changed my mind! Craving one, but the only way I can get one here is to order it bespoke for the equivalent of GBP12,000!!! :crybaby:
  14. I didn't care for the "Bentley" logo either, but they do them without that, too. I think someone here has one. And remarkably, out of all places, in the window of the Bentley showroom in Mayfair, I saw one with just the Mulberry tree on it! It was lucky for me it was closed at the time, or I would be in the insolvency court by now...

    It was the same for me, I wasn't keen on ostrich leather before I saw that one, and it feels so soft! At least you have the chance to order a bespoke one - I didn't from here, so the only way for me was to collect one they had. And I really don't think it could be in a price range of £12,000 range even as a bespoke one. Not even the alligators are that much.
  15. I have the Bentley grey bays with just the Mulberry logo . I have yet to photograph and post it . Will do asap....