Bayswater Clutch Wallet: How Much Do You Think You Could Fit In It?

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  1. Hi I often browse the Mulberry thread but never really post in here until now. TBH I had been contemplating purchasing a CHANEL WOC but wanted to use it everyday - which made me nervous. I could not find an alternative to this until now... "the Mulberry Bayswater Clutch Wallet"

    However, before making my decision between the two I wanted to know if anyone could perhaps inform me or post pics of what actually can fit into this wallet clutch, aside from the obvious credit cards and coins. TIA


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  2. I've tried this on in store and it's really cute, I thought at the time that the design was ridiculous similar the the Chanel WOC though, no surprises for guessing where they found their inspiration then... I've also tried on the WOC before but don't own one, I'd say they were almost exactly the same size, you'd probably fit a phone, keys and make-up in it and not much more, there's also the space for cards and a zipped compartment for change, HTH! :smile:
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. See for me the chanel woc is too fancy for an everyday piece and ImO i believe the mulberry version to be more durable? This is the red onion patent leather. Do you or anyone else know of its durability. Tia
  4. I adore Chanel but for me they're kind of special occasion bags and with my lifestyle Mulberry works much better for everyday. Also, I was also a bit disappointed that for the price of the WOC it wasn't even leather lined... I don't have any experience with the red onion but there have been a few reveals of other styles in this leather, hopefully someone who knows more than me will come along soon to help.
  5. I think I am sold lol. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this for me. :hugs:

  6. I've bought one of these, Sai, but haven't used it yet to be able to comment on durability.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how much room there is in it - I am asthmatic and need to carry my inhaler, which can be a real pain when choosing evening bags & purses, but it does fit into the middle section.

    So, in mine I put money in the zip section, cards in the slots, inhaler, phone and keys in the middle (just basic car & house key though, no giant keyrings or anything!), can just squeeze a lippy in there too. It's big enough for a night out's essentials, plus I like the way the strap unclips so you could use it as a large purse also.
  7. WOW sounds like it can fit a lot. I have 2 kids (third one on the way) and wanted to keep my essentials separate from my babies' bits and pieces. I am forever losing my essentials in the big diaper bag (gucci one), so I really like the concept of this bag/wallet on a chain.

    I also wanted something for quick errands and this sounds perfect.

    Wulie what colour did you get it in? The red onion?
  8. Yes - the red onion. The colour really caught my eye - on a SBS first, but that was just too much to part with (& I wouldn't really get the use), so this was a nice compromise! (I did a trial run to make sure I could get inhaler etc. in before buying though).
  9. No problem, glad I could help :biggrin:.
  10. It sounds perfect for me.. I just need to place 2 cards, bit of money phone and car keys. Thats it. The rest of my stuff can go in my baby diaper bag. Unfortunately with 2 kids and being pregnant I may not get the chance to visit the mulberry store and I was wondering if this style of bag is just seasonal so dont want to miss the boat.
  11. As far as I know, this is a new style so I guess we'll see if it sticks around or not! Some recent styles have appeared for a few seasons, others disappeared straight away. I suspect that the colours will be seasonal though - this could mean you could snag a bargain in December/Jan sales if they're still in stock. :shrugs:
  12. Lol I am sold I plan to order it tonight on the MULBERRY website. TBH I never manage to snag anything nice in the sales because somehow all these other lovely ladies manage to beat me to it haha. Also being 18 weeks pregnant with 2 kids means that I will probably miss out even more so.

    I love the whole concept of a wallet on a chain but felt CHANEL's pricing for the WOC was not justifiable. I am so glad MULBERRY has the exact same concept but for a third of the price. Love it :graucho:
  13. I''m not familiar with Chanel - probably just as well, lol! Hope you like it!
  14. LOL its best not to be CHANEL is an expensive habit I just cannot afford to have hahaha.

    I am so excited for this purchase
  15. Thank you so much for everyone's help. I have now ordered this item. Xx