Bayswater clutch wallet and its lengthy chain

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  1. Has anyone had the chain shortened? I'm a bit on the shorter side so I'd need at least 10 cm off but don't want the chain ruined Luckily the new continental wallet had a shorter chain
  2. I must be Gulliver. :biggrin:
    Because chain seems fine on both mine.
    Especially crossbody.

    For land o' Lilliput, can loop chain under flap.
    Not as easy to use, but shortens.
    I do this to change up look--hand carry, double chain.

    Hope helps
  3. There is a trick to shorten it just a little. I'll try and dig mine out And take a picture or do want to actually cut a bit of the chain off?

    The new postman's lock clutch also has a slightly shorter chain if you want a full replacement.
  4. ^
    That'd be great! ❤ I have folded the chain and it looks good but carried single on the shoulder, it hits me below my bum The situation is the same as some shorter people have with their Chanel WOCs.

    I guess I could manage that but I'm just a bit worried about colour transfer from darker jeans since the bag sits so low... My clutch isn't too light, it's poppy red, but I just hate having colour transfer on my bags
  5. Okay, I've dug my old one out. The chain is slightly different to the current model but it should work the same. On your model you should be able to remove and reattach your chain so it either comes out the top of the bag or comes out of the side of the bag. You need to have it so it comes out of the side of the bag- I hope this makes sense.

    Then simply cross the chain under the flap. It will shorten it by a good few inches without damaging the chain and I think is better than knotting it as I have seen some do.

    Does this help at all?

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  6. Yes it does - thanks! I asked about shortening the chain and the jeweller said it's risky. The chain is cast so that it might hold after rejoining or it might not. Better not risk it

    Thanks to everyone for the tips
  7. Oh my is this the suede one? That's probably the model that Kate Middleton has!
  8. Yes, this is goat suede in Conker. It was so luxuriouswhen I first got it but 5 years of use has taken its toll slightly. Dunno if Kate has this one but I have seen her with at least three different colours of Bayswater clutch.