Bayswater Clutch - cow vs goat?

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  1. Hi all,

    Quick question - I've been keeping an eye on the Bayswater Clutch on the Mulberry site (in black), and note it says it comes in soft cow leather in printed grain.

    However I've also been looking on Selfridges, and their site is showing the clutch but under material says goat leather.

    Does anyone know - are these 2 different ones? And can you help with the difference? Thanks
  2. Goat leather would get my vote if you have a choice - it's lightweight but robust, and can get beautifully soft
  3. If you have a choice, I agree with skater. Goat, shiny or glossy. I find it to be a great leather that even with lots of use always looks great.
  4. Oh I see, so they are actually different! I had it in my head that as both were selling the same bag only in 1 version, at the same time, that they somehow must be exactly the same... Yes, I'm a bit of a newbie!

    Hmmm - I think I've seen the goat leather on a Lily, but I'm not sure what the cow looks like - I don't know if for the clutch something softer looking would be better? Has anyone seen them?
  5. Team goat here :biggrin:. Goat looks more elegant. It's sturdy and luscious at the same time
  6. I noticed the same thing when buying my blackmclutch but since the goat version is discontinued, I thought maybe Selfridges just has the old description up there. I'd check or of yu don't mind getting either one, order from Selfridges. I guess the biggest difference between the leathers is that the goat is shinier and slightly smoother. Some say the small grain clutch looks more casual but to me it's still elegant nonetheless and would work as an evening bag as well as daytime.
  7. I fond goat softer, I prefer goat.
  8. Goat..worry free
  9. Thanks all. Seems goat is unanimous! Such a shame goat isn't on sale - the cow in Mulberry is in the sale, but Selfridges are still selling the goat version at full price. Hmmm, decisions...
  10. Why not wait for the new version? It is more square in shape? I have had several of these and they are just too long and narrow for me the new squarer ones looks much more useable?