Bayswater brass

  1. Hello

    I am new at this forum and would be very happy for some help. I recently bought a bayswater (used) which is beautiful and I really like it. All the brass items on the bag are however oxidized and have turned very dark. Is it something you can do or is it supposed to be like this? I was thinking about using common polish that I use for other brass things at home but maybe thats a big no...

    How do you usually do?
  2. Can you post a picture? I would be very wary about using polish on it as it may make it worse!
  3. Hi , some of them are bronzed , rather than brass and are meant to look dark , photos def needed please
  4. don't touch it with the brass cleaner !!!
  5. Thank you for your answers.
    Here are some pictures. It is difficult to capture exactly how it looks but anyhow... Now that you say it, it might have been a darker brass than usual from the beginning, but it still looks oxidized. Do you think I should leave it alone then and go for the vintage look?

    It is actually darker IRL than on the pictures, the padlock is almost black.
    MB1-2.JPG MB2-2.JPG
  6. I've had success removing tarnish from brass with vinegar. Lemon juice works, too. Do you have something else you can test it on or maybe try it on a small part of the lock?
  7. hmmm...i think i would just leave it...
  8. I would just leave it, the hw is not supposed to be shiny-shiny - I'd go for the vintage look...

    But if it really bothers you, call the nearest Mulberry store and ask them what they would recommend!
  9. It's a really weird product to use for metal cleaning. I put a little dab of Alberto VO5 conditioner ( the one in the tube) on a soft rag and use it to polish metal. It's not abrasive and also helps polish patent bags.
  10. how on earth did you find out that VO5 worked????just curious !!
  11. Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I'll go for the vintage look then. Now that I am used to it, I kind of think it looks nice. But I simply have to try the VO5-treatment :smile:, just on the inside to see how it looks.

    zooba - maybe you should give Alberto a call, you could get a stipend for innovation or something... :idea:
  12. My grandmother always used the V05 for her brass candlesticks. So I tried it on some of my purse parts. Sadly, this is already on their website.