Bayswater black natural leather

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  1. Hi, i am totally new to mulberry, but I am planning to purchase the black natural leather $695 bayswater. Are they easier to take care compared to the oak color natural leather ?
    Can I wear the black one in the rain and need not baby it at all ?

    Thank you
  2. Yes you can. I think I sprayed my black Bays once with collonil and then never bothered. Black is totally weather proof! Good idea to get it now before the planned price increase.
  3. I think I must live in a vacuum! What planned price increases, CPrincess? When are they likely to come into effect? I'm already horrified how my small Antony cost the same this year as the large one I bought 6 years ago - and it didn't even have the Mulberry name embossed on the buckles! :shocked: How much is it likely to be? Sorry to bombard you with questions - I'm going into shock here! :biggrin:
  4. go over into the mulberry shopping sub forum and people have been discussing 30% price increases :sad: I have no confirmation that it will be as high as that but someone even posted a letter from mulberry saying that there will be a price increase this season although they did not say by how much.
    so get it now if you can or better still if you know any one travelling through heathrow! My hubby got my Black bays last year in Heathrow.
  5. Arghhh!! I'm absolutely horrified that they're contemplating 30%!!!!!!!! That's ridiculous!! I'll need to draw up a list of "must haves" and get hunting for them! I'm really tempted by the Bayswater in black forest but am now torn by a) it might go down in a sale b) there might not be any a sale c) it might increase in price if I don't get it now d) I should have bought the oak with the gold union flag plate when I had the chance (but didn't) and e) maybe the black will be more serviceable?

    Not that I'm indecisive or anything. Or am I?! :smile:
  6. hehehe I would definitely get black bays which is must less fussy than Oak (oak was my first and is my least used Bays although I do love her). I am waiting for the sale for Black Forest or maybe Petrol (or both if I decide to go completely mad)!
    There will definitely be a sale and seasonals if not sold out in the sale will go to outlets around 6-8 months after. I paid full whack for my eggplant Bays and although it is fabulous I feel I should have waited for the sale or for it to go to the outlets which it has done recently and saved my self some pounds!
  7. Hmm, I take your point, CP, but just imagine if that eggplant had never made it to the sales!! It really is an absolute beauty! I bought my Alexas in a fairly local family-run store which stocks Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch (don't ask me how many of those I've got!), Orla Kiely etc etc. Which outlet do you use? It's a fair trek to any of them for me - about 2 hours to BV, but I've passed it on the motorway a few times and never been allowed to divert :sad: At least I vaguely know where that one is, though ... Are you better to ring ahead? Can they hold items for you? I really feel the need to go soon! :biggrin:
  8. Ah Mayfly, once you live in the UK you can ORDER from the outlet stores and have your bag delivered to you for £7.50!:smile: I am glad to be the bearer of such great news! Just check the outlet finds section in the mulberry shopping subforum and the wonderful Mooshooshoo and others list what is available in the outlet stores almost daily so you can phone the outlets and get what you want!:biggrin:
  9. Oooooohhh my gooood 30% ?


    But anyway I am looking forward to the black bayswater ! 30% is a monstrous increase. Good to know that the black one is easier to maintain :smile: thanks a lot princessuk :biggrin:
  10. 30%!!!!!!:tdown:


    Guess I have to start buying the bags I want soon before the increase
  11. I know 30% is just ridiculous but I hope the increase ends up being less than that. I am telling myself I won't panic buy though and wait for the sales as I don't want a classic coloured bag.
  12. Oh my word! How dangerous is that?!! It's licence to spend (assuming my credit card isn't under house arrest by now!) Mind you, I like to see, touch, smell(!) the items in question!! The pebbled beige Alexa sort of waved to me from the top shelf (I had to get the SA to get her down for me!) and once I'd held her, that was that! I had lunch, discussed it with my friend, and hot-footed it back to the shop. The only problem was that I then spied the midnight blue version - which ended up in the sale the following week, so back I went ...

    Dangerous territory indeed, to be able to order over the phone!! :biggrin:
  13. Does anyone know when the price increase will come into effect? I'm travelling through Heathrow at the end of November and was hoping to buy an oak Daria satchel with the 20% off, not sure how much difference it will make if the current price is bumped up by 30% first! :shocked:

    Black NVT leather is a lot easier to maintain than oak - I bought a black NVT EW Bays recently and don't have to baby her at all, whereas I do my oak Bays. I do love oakie though!
  14. Good to read this!

    Want to buy à Black bays , Black alexa or Black del rey friday!!
  15. Good thing I was able to read this now. I've been contemplating whether to get the Flame Shiny Grain Bayswater or not since this weekend. A few minutes before I read this, I have decided I'll get it later. Now I am even more decided to get it right away! :roflmfao: