Bayswater as work bag

  1. Just wondering if it easily fits in A4 files? How do you find it as a work bag. Is it structured enough? Do the interior buckles get in the way? Does the bottom start to slouch if you carry too much in it?
    I want to get a 'work-bag' for christmas that i can carry a couple of books/ A4 documents, agenda, wallet etc in. If I end up with a lap top I'd probably get a seperate carry bag for it so the Bayswater would really act as a handbag/ document carrier.
    Opinions? thanks!! - or would you recommend another bag entirely?
  2. I haven't had any trouble using my bayswater as a work bag. I just loosen the straps so that it gets wide enough to fit my folders and pads. The leather hasn't slouched and I've packed it really full before. I've never put anything as heavy as a laptop in there, and I don't think I would.

    The Bayswater is roomy, but It's not tailored especially for work. It's a workhorse bag, but I wouldn't use it solely for work. Does that even make sense? :confused1:

    I've used mine in a pinch when I don't want to carry a briefcase. Mulberry does make work bags and they would have the spaces for pens and pencils, phone, etc. But I like a big roomy purse with the option of using it for work if need be.
  3. Hi, I use mine in place of a briefcase. It is heavy but it has the benefit of you being able to puy it over your shoulder or the crook of your arm. I would def recommend- I get loads of comments on how good it looks!
  4. I use it as a work bag and mine does slouch a bit - but I like it, it adds character.

    I have to say that when I put folders in it - it is not the easiest bag to get them out of it.

    That said I love it as a work bag and it will probably last forever!
  5. I've been using mine for work, too! I'd say you could put in A4 files, but have to agree with RachelA that it's not that easy to get it in and out of the bag.
  6. Would suggest you need something with a structured bottom for a laptop , it would really weigh it down .
  7. I use mine as a work bag all the time, and I carry a lot of A4 files, books and a laptop. It is heavy when I put all that stuff in, but I guess any bag would be - I find it quite useful. The only flaw is that I would have wanted another compartment for wallet, keys and such. Now the small things tend to get lost unless I use a small bag inside for those things, or a large wallet where I can put my cellphone and keys. Normally for work I would stuff a small shoulderbag inside the bayswater with wallet etc, and use only the small one for lunch & errands. Or use a big wallet that would double as a clutch. I sometimes use a purseket/purse organizer for pens etc, but it does not fit very well inside a bayswater since the sides (of the bag) are folded.
  8. I too use my Bayswater as a work bag. I don't carry my laptop every day but when I do I can see that it makes the bag slouch so I've begun puting a magazine or a cardboard file or something like that to stabilize the bottom of the bag and it works really good.
  9. I use mine to carry all my magazines in to work - and they're like US/UK Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle US & UK - So they're all really heavy and make the bag extremely heavy - but it just goes to show how strong this bag is. I don't know if I'd trust it to carry too much heavy stuff though as I'd fear the handles might rip away from the bag?!

    I also use the Bayswater as a holdall for clothes, toilet bag and pashimina etc for when I go on long haul flights - it will hold a small fortune of clothes etc. It's a great bag - mine holds its shape and the adjusters inside the bag are fantastic for making it bigger or smaller - a little bit like what LV have just done with the design of their new neverfull bag!

    I love it as much as KATE MOSS Loves it.
  10. What job do you have that you have time to read fashion mags? and where can i get it??:yes: