Bays vs birkin 35

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  1. A bit random, but I could use some guidance from those who buy M and H bags both.

    I have a birkin 35 and it has what I refer to as a big butt :biggrin:. The base of the bag is very deep, about 7 inches, which google tells me is 17.78cm. The width of 13.75 inches or 35cm is ok, it is just the depth that makes it stick out from my body like a snowplow when I carry it.

    If you own both or have seen both together, is the Bays' base narrower?

    Thank in advance
  2. Well the Bayswater depth is a little smaller, about 6", and it has a softer structure that makes it feel a bit less boxy; it more easily smooshes in, depending on the leather used of course in both cases. It can be a nice, under the radar alternative in my opinion. I particularly like the new updated "Pocket Bayswater," which is the same iconic bag but with a back pocket and more interior pockets.
  3. I own a bays I don't own a birkin but I get a lot of them in at work. And as beautifully made as they are they are also HEAVEY! But I do think the bays base is narrower?
  4. Thanks! The one I am looking at is goat which I read is light and structured. I had a Bays cookie for two days before sending it back, but didn't have the birkin then and now I don't remember the exact size of the Bays. This was a help :smile:
  5. The birkin is heavy and mine is mostly empty. I should have gone for the 30 instead of the 35, but my now ex-bf got it for me preloved so I had no input. Actually thinking of selling it because it feels so bulky and because the sentiment is gone. The bays will go over my shoulder at least and it will be free of reminders.

    Fighting a war with myself on that pink glossy goat bays. I adore the color, but I just got the del rey and not that long ago got the sbs. But I found a sale and did I mention I love the color:graucho:
  6. Oh I definitely don't blame you for having mixed feeling I think they are stunning bags! Beautifully made too nice and roomy but I think they are sadly just too inconvenient for my taste I also adore the Kelly but it same issue with the front lock thing you know? BUT I find my bays really HEAVEY too not as bad as the birkins but still.. Maybe because its so large I pack it up too much? Also the bag is like half my size lol!
  7. Is your bays goat or another kind of leather? I heard goat was lighter. Hoping that is true.

    At heart when it comes to H I am a kelly girl. I carry mine with the arms under the flap so opening is just undoing the turn lock and lifting the flap.

    I have to get to CA sometime. I keep thinking of going to Hawaii again and doing a couple nights in CA to break up the flight. Maybe see if I can get to the M outlet in person :smile:

    With the yucky winter and some family stuff, I an dying for color. Pushing me to shop shop shop.
  8. I have a Bays in natural veg and a Birkin 30 in Togo. The Bays goes over the shoulder and the leather is pliable at the bottom, so it has a slimmer profile. Hope that helps!
  9. It does, thanks!
  10. I have goat and NVT, goat is only slight lighter than Calf, it didn't make much diff to me because all bays are pretty heavy.