bays in antique glace ?

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  1. was there ever such a bays produced in antique glace? if so i am quite fancying this one 6911_0.jpg :heart:
  2. Yes, there were - in 2005 I think? I had one briefly but Darwin was more my style. I've notice a few of them on eBay recently so I checked today and there seem to be fake antique glace's pumping out of iOffer, so do be careful if you're going the eBay route!
  3. i have just purchased a blenheim instead in nvt in oak via ebay x
  4. i have one that I bought through SFA a while back and finally(!) today I used it for the first time. It is gorgeous!
  5. There was absolutely a bays in antique glacé, and I have seen it in black, plum (lovely!), coconut (dark white) and a beautiful greyish green colour that I don't remember the name of right now. I have the black version, and I bought mine spring 2006, so it is quite possible that it was a f/w 2005 bag. I can't recommend this bag enough, it is the most durable and gorgeous leather imaginable, and it just gets better with use. The glacé leather holds its shape very well, it never gets slouchy like well worn darwin. And the shiny finish of the glacé helps protect the bag from waterspots - a good thing if you live on the rainy west coast of Sweden as I do!
  6. ^^ There is Bays in off-white AG as well. All beautiful! I love black in Lovehandbag site....
  7. Antique Glace is a lovely leather, especially on a Bays. Then again I am biased as I have a lovely AG Bays in black!
  8. There is one Mint Green AG Bays on e*Bay at the moment....
  9. Verdigris?
  10. Of course, Verdigris it is! thanks for finding the word fo me ! :yes:
  11. Oh I love antique glace, wish they did more of it!
  12. ^^^ me too!
  13. I love the AG look too, I know some of the ladies here found the plum turned a bit red after a while though? Maybe some colours are more prone to change then others. I would have thought black and cream would be pretty safe bets.
  14. I hope this thread is still alive !

    I have just bought a Verdigris Antique Glace Bayswater of eBay and it has an ever so slight yellowish tinge in places (only someone like me who is a bit OCD about these things would even notice it). I have just looked at (Googled not in reality) a Blenheimm in the same finish and that also has a yellowish tinge. This bag, although old has never been used so at first i thought it may just be discoloured from just sitting around but now, after finding this thread, am wondering if its a natural occurance ?