Bay Small Leather Tote?

  1. Does anyone own this bag? I was just browsing the Chloé section of NAP, and I think I'm in love!

    I have some questions:
    Does it fit over the shoulder?
    Available colors? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Chocolate though.
    Do any of you nice ladies have any modeling pics?

    I'm off to the Chloé Reference Forum to see if I can find more pictures.

    picture from NAP

    Thank you!
  2. I love this smaller version of the Quilted Bay! When my ban is lifted hopefully these will be available for a better price...[​IMG]
  3. I don't own this bag myself but I too fell in love with the pics on Net-a-Porter :love:

    I saw the bag IRL a few days ago and it is just as special as it looks in the pics....but I ended up buying the Violet Patent Bay instead ;)

    I wonder if anyone has bought this one you have posted about yet.....I'd love to see pics as well if so :tup:
  4. And yes, it does fit over the shoulder....:yes:
  5. Thanks for all the answers Balchlfen and brigitte0810!

    I am probably going to wait for a better price as well. Is this a new bag?
    I'm pretty new to the Bay Scene... :s

    I am so happy it can fit over the shoulder.
  6. ^^^ Yes, it's a new Bay style for this coming season :yes:

    Depending on how it sells during the season, you may find it on sale in June/July :tup:
  7. Oh wow! It would go on sale that quickly?!

    My LV wishlist is going to have to wait until I get this beauty!

    Thanks so much for the info! :love:
  8. Wow! What a pretty bag. I haven't seen that before.
  9. I think this is the one I was holding and modelling in front of a mirror while I was in Manchester and found it in black in Selfridges. I really loved it and I wanted to get it but then I didnt. I sort of like my bags to fit on shoulder and it does but not in a comfy way. It is better on the arm. Of course this was cold weather and I was in thick coat so quite possibly would fit better without that thick coat. I still love it though but then I got back home and got the noir bay on sale so now I am happy with black bags for a while.
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  11. has his bag in a few different colours.