*bay seller ALERT

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  1. Hi, I answered your pm and I sent you an email a couple of hours ago. Can't wait to see how the 09's break in!

  2. I reported the stolen photo. IMO the bag in the first pic looks fake? The bales look off to me, but then again I have horrible vision.

    I will email the seller and ask why is she using my photos and description. Can't wait to see her answer. If she answers I will update.
  3. I actually have this bag on my Evay "watch" list. Yikes!

    Guess I can take it off my watch list now.

    Thanks for posting this. I was about to get scammed again - it would have been twice in one month. :nogood:
  4. You were scammed on ebay? I'm sorry. What happened? You should start a thread and get Karmen, EllieMae, Gro and AC on it asap. They can & are always willing to help.