*bay seller ALERT

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  1. I recognize the photos in this listing. The first one is NOT mine. The second photo IS mine. I am guessing the 3rd and 4th are mine as well. Even the description is word for word mine ... with a few minor changes.

    Needless to say, do not bid as you don't know what your are truly bidding on!

    Here is the listing:

  2. I suggest you report it to e bay and they will remove the listing.

    Try water stamping your photos from now on.
  3. If the seller is using your photo's you can report it to eBay....there's a "report" button at the bottom of the page.
    Once reported eBay will look into it and remove the listing.
  4. Yep.. those look like some of your pics to me. I assume that you reported it??
  5. That's one thing they seem to be OK at, pulling listings for stolen photos and/or descriptions.
  6. I reported it too.
  7. i don;t know what is wrong with people. last week someone stole my pics. then someone stole my description. both from the same pair of shoes i have listed. i reported and reported and reported the shoe pic stealer (though ebay says not to do that- that it will slow down the investigation) and someone actually bought them. they finally took it down 2 days after the poor person bought it. i feel so bad for them but there's nothing i can do. hopefully they didn't pay.

    i hope this gets pulled soon!
  8. Any chance you are wrong??? Check out The Beautiful Black city club!!! post #144.
  9. #10 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009

    Not wrong. That's my pic and my words used in my listing. BUT ... I need to see who bought the bag. I have sold a couple of 09's to tpf members. I've shipped to Canada. I remember one is argent but I can't remember what else ... maybe they bought from me and are trying to sell and make a little profit?????

    Then again, a tpf member would know 4 pictures are not enough to authenticate, right?
  10. Its so crazy what people will do these days! :nuts: I never mark my photos, one being I dont know how, but I sure am going to look into it now.
  11. Hi, I think I am the one who bought that bag from you, I'm the Canada girl. But I'm not the one selling it, that I can assure you!
    I love :heart: my bag and it arrived safely and I used it today for the first time!!

    :sad:sorry I can't really help, but wanted to clarify I did buy a bag from you, but I am NOT the one who is selling or took your pics/description. :confused1:
  12. Given all that we now know, Bags4me2, I think you should ask that seller with the current ebay listing why they are using your photo????? Should this be reported as fake? Or at least report the stolen pictures? Very fishy if you ask me.