Bay: quilted or ordinary, votes needed!


Bay: quilted or non-quilted?

  1. quilted Bay

  2. non-quilted Bay

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone! I jast saw 2 black Bays in the local store: quilted and non-quilted, both are black and I LOVE them. Before I didn't like Bay, but seeing it IRL, I'm in love! Help me to choose, please, I love both looks, but I can afford only one bag! Which is more classy, but also more versatile?
  2. I love both, but for some reason, in black, I like the regular Bay better. Despite all the ads, I like all 3 other colors I've seen better than black in the quilted Bay.
  3. QUILTED!! Topstitching rules.
  4. I adore the black in the quilted, and think the non quilt looks too flat in black, yet the flat looks amazing in the caramel!!

    Quilted, no question!!
  5. ITA!!!!
  6. quilted! Love it!
  7. I prefer the black quilted because I think it looks dressier, less casual.

    The unquilted reminds me more of a Balenciaga, which I'm not so into.
  8. For me Quilted!!!
  9. I vote non-quilted! I personally think quilted is too 'fussy'..but that's just my opinion.:wlae: ;)
  10. I'm normally not into quilting, but you have a black betty hobo, yes? In that case I would get the quilted bay to give you a dressy black bag vs your more casual betty.
  11. Quilted
  12. I love the quilted one!
  13. I prefere the non-quilted :yes:
  14. I much prefer the non-quilted, thats just me though
  15. Voted for quilted Bay :smile: