bay question!

  1. hi guys!

    i have a few questions on the size of the quilted bay

    i got these pictures off NAP.

    Is the ivory the medium size and the black the large? the ivory goes for around $1600 and the black goes for around $1750 or so.

    Thank so much for your help!!
    black bay.jpg white bay.jpg
  2. The ivory is the bowler size, the black is the medium I believe!
  3. thanks so much Kisa. that helps :smile:. I wonder how big the large is if the black's the medium!!!

    owners of the quilted! any thoughts on the bowler or medium? the straps on the bowler seem a lil short to go over the shoulder...

    also does anyone know which style this is? love the strap along with the handles! thanks!! (oo and where can i find it! i cant seem to find that style online...unless im missing something!) THANKS! :yes:
    Chloe 1.JPG
  4. hi meluvgags, I would go for the medium quilted over the bowler for sure, the bowler just does not look as in proportion and makes the bag taller, but not quite wide enough!

    The piccie is of the non quilt bay, but that style looks more like a satchel style and I have not seen it in store yet, unless the style shown below actually has a shoulder strap included with it, does anybody here have this one yet so we can confirm please !! (but the one in your piccie looks smaller and super cute ;))

    Luisa Via Roma :::::::::::: Shopping online ::::::::::::::
  5. hi chloe-babe! thanks so much for the response! yay i think the bowler seems a lil disproportioned too! u have the white quilted right? its so pretty!!! :heart:

    i found the pic of another thread in the forum and i love the satchel with the strap!! but like you i have yet to see another member or picture that shows this bag!!! i do agree that its super cute!

    if anyone has any more info on this please post! thanks!! :nuts:
  6. ah you are v welcome, might be worth looking at summer collection and see if it is showing on there, and once you have a few more details, could be easier to track it down :smile:
  7. I know the bag with the strap you are talking about - my friend found the bag in Europe for me but in the end I plumped for the regular Bay in Black :yes:

    The one with the shoulder strap is slightly (but not much) smaller than the regular non-quilted Bay. It costs 1195 Euros as opposed to 1125 Euros and it has two smaller pockets on the front and back as opposed to one on front and one on back. As I understand it it wll be harder to get hold of - for example, London stores will get only a few I am led to believe :shrugs:

    I wanted the bag for work and so opted for the regular because it is that bit bigger and will fit files easier. The straps one the regular are ample long enough to be used on the shoulder as well without the need for a seperate strap:yes:

    Hope this helps a bit...hopefully someone will chip in with more info soon :flowers:
  8. thanks guys! yeah i think the picture shows the bay for the summer collection. NAP won't be getting it in so i guess my best luck would be at chloe stores. thanks!