Bay newbie question!

  1. i received my first bay for xmas and i love her -- never thought i would! it's a beautiful dark navy just like this one:


    the leather is SOO soft i assumed it was lambskin but bluefly (where i got the above picture) describes it as calfskin. anyway, my question is, she's got a couple scratches (looks like fingernail) -- what's the best way to get rid of them or at least make them less pronounced? for those who own this bag, do you treat it with anything? and finally,i noticed that the front and back pockets have these brass studs in the gusset -- what are they for? thank you!
  2. I have the quilted bay, which seems like it might be a little more of a distressed leather. I haven't treated it with anything.

    Congrats on the bag, it's a beauty!!!
  3. I recently bought a non-quilted bay bag and clutch. The leather on both has some scratches. I believe the leather is supposed to be "distressed". As for the studs, I think that chloe likes to add extra stuff. My bag has rings on the side, but does not come with a shoulder strap. The rings are just decorative. I personally like the distressed leather, because I don't have to worry about babying the bags.

    You have a great bag. I hope you enjoy it!
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