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  1. Jusr received delivery of my Black Quilted Bay and i love it will try and post some pics later
  2. Hurry!
  3. Welcome! The bay is fabulous!
  4. Pics of new bay plus 1 of heloise
    black-bay.jpg brown-heloise.jpg
  5. :woohoo:Congrats Jackie - fab bags :tup:! Use then in good health & enjoy :smile:.
  6. I love both of your bags! Great choices! :yahoo:
  7. Thanks Tag and Balchlfen I do love them but I am def on a ban now having just bought a black Burberry Knight as well so no more for me until June :yes:
  8. Lovely bay, they are quickly becoming my favourite Chloe. I'm loving the colour of ur heloise, and it looks so slouchy and soft. No Cat! Do not develop any new Chloe longings!

    Congrats on ur lovely pair!
  9. OMG, just read that back, sounds rude! Sorry! :p
  10. ^Itta^

    If I were to get a whiskey color bag your Heloise would be the ticket! Both are beautiful! Great investment pieces.:nuts:
  11. Thanks Cat and Susie for your kind comments
  12. OMG they are boh gorgoues and I am SOOOOOOO envyious of your burberry Knight bag!
  13. I know this about the bay bag (and it is very pretty), but Heloise always stops me in my tracks. The Heloise is just the best!!
  14. Beautiful bag, and I love the Knight, the best of Burberry.

  15. Okay I had to look up the Knight bag; saw this one on Cameron Diaz's arm. Very nice! It reminds me the Div's patent dome Paddy (which I prefer sorry) but this is a great bag as well.

    [​IMG] Why isn't Burberry more popular?
    I've never been a big fan of Burberry bags; I think the classic novacheck (and variations thereof) are really cute and classic, but a bit overdone, even more so than LV mono if possible. I've also increasingly lost interest in them because after I experienced the ultra luxe goatskin and lambskin of Balenciaga and Chanel, there was no turning back to PVC.

    Recently, however, I discovered Burberry has really come out with some GORGEOUS luxe leather bags - I quickly fell in love with the black/brown quilted leather Manor bags, the leather satchels, and most recently the Knight stud and metallic mesh bags more and more celebrities are touting. Though Burberry is still laden in plaid, it is also coming up with fresher more luxe bags that are more competitive with the other top designers.

    So question is, do you think it's working? Do you think people are increasingly more willing to pay the same $1500+ price for these Burberry bags as the other gorgeous bal and chanel bags? Or maybe Burberry has already been imprinted with a certain reputation and people aren't as willing to pay top dollar for their stuff, regardless of how they look? I don't know...As a Chanel and Balenciaga lover who is now so drawn to Burberry bags for the same reasons, I find it hard to believe I'm alone :p ...or am I? :shrugs:

    Posting some of my favorite pictures of my favorite Burberry bags here.