bay bag is blushing

  1. My orange bay bag that I have been carrying for about a month has started to blush, its not severe but more of a worn look. Has anyone else’s bay started to blush?:wtf:

  2. GADS???????? That may be the bag I want? Is it the Dark Poppy medium smooth satchel or the lighter orange e/w bag (we a sick group here;)). Anyway the prior Poppy version is the one I want but refuse to pay full retail. Unfortunately it's sold out, LOL.

    Tell me more though about the color and style and how you think it faded (horrors):tdown:
  3. its the light orange large east west bag. my camera phone doesnot take good pictures but I will post some.
  4. I think its the burnt "poppy" orange, here are the pics:
    07-05-07_0754.jpg 07-05-07_0800.jpg 07-05-07_0801.jpg
  5. No it can't be? The Poppy bag is very Red/Orange this (from your picture) looks more caramel? However I can see what you're talking about? There is an unusual glaze on this type of bay and I wonder if it somehow wears off?

    Other tPFer's??
  6. Oh my... that's pretty strange. But is it sort of like how vaschetta leather darkens? :confused1: And I wonder if using Apple Care conditioner would have helped? :confused1: I can't wait to hear how this turns out...
  7. I am using a camera phone which does not take pictures well indoors. The bag is a burnt orange and it does have a light glaze to it but the blushed portion is not glossy.
  8. Got it. I studied thi bag at NM today and realized it was your purse. Funny in my head I had it more reddish.

    Where did you get your bag? and did it have any fading when you received it? This purse hasn't been out that long to have 'shelf issues'.
  9. I purchased my bag at NM a few months back (in excellent condition) and started carrying it in June. Overall the bag looks good it just has patches of blushing, on the bottom and sides.

    What’s funny is this bag was an exchange for a Prada that was peeling; I guess I will have to stick with Fendi.

  10. The St. Louis NM has your bag. I would demand an exchange over yours being defective, they will also do an instore credit. My sister's Betty chain handled purse broke and was offered these choices, she opted for an instore credit. It really could be a lemon bag so I would do something.

    Let us know okay. I really like that bay and it's tough finding a fabulous orange purse. Bbay(oops I mean Bbag) has one and I saw a Chanel yesterday but it was 2400 dollars...too steep for me.
  11. I will call the SA at NM, I am afraid that they will not cooperate with me because I have exchanged a prada for the Chloe. I am really getting discouraged with spending over 1k for bags that start to wear after a month; I guess it’s just me. I am glad to know that this is not a common thing.