Bay bag (and debt) or Edith (and not as much debt!)?

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  1. Please help me choose a bag...

    Just want a versitle day/work bag, pref black.

    If money was no object I would go the Bay bag. But I am travelling so much atm so have to watch finances.

    Should I go the Edith as it's also nice (although I do favour the Bay) there are some on sale right?

    Hmmm, or any other suggestions?

  2. Both are lovely and versatile bags but you seem to love bay more so I would go for it! :tup:
    Often in my life I've been after something (expensive) and I've bought something cheaper instead... and I've never been 100% satisfied until I've finally got the thing I really wanted in the first place, so I've ended up spending more money all together. There's an interesting discussion about this kind of behavior on wardrobe forum, I think the thread was called "poor man buys twice" or something like that. It really made me realize I should rather wait and save until I can get what I really want! :yes:

    I hope you can find the bay you want from sales, that would be best!
  3. THat is so true, but I bought the Chanel reissue last year as I knew I wanted it SOOO much more than the classic (and would not have been happy), so maybe this time I should compromise! Not sure I love the Bay that much more- to spend double almost.
    Hmmm, nice to hear poits of view though!
  4. Both bags are very diffrent...the bay can be dressed up and down the edith to me is a very casual bag, but that's just personal opinion.
  5. I think you should go for the bag you really want becuase you will never stop wanting it....There are some on sale at the Dubai chloe boutique.....There some posting for that sale.....

    BTW, I am very partial to the edith and love it to pieces, so that would be my choice!
  6. I am getting a Bay from Dubai and the price IS reasonable compared to Bays at full retail but not as good as the Edith's. I know one thing - the Bays will eventually be marked down a lot. You just have to be patient and bide your time to get the best deal. You can even think about buying both. Get an Edith now and save your money for a Bay later on - a cheaper Bay. You know you've already turned into a collector. Every time I think I am done the fever starts in again. Sigh. I do love my Chloes.....
  7. i would go for the on you want,
    i personally prefer the bay ive never really taken to the ediths for some reason!
    you can always like others said dress up the bay bag!
    from past experiences i think you should buy what you want most rather then getting something that isnt quite what you were wanting!
  8. oh thanks girls! must huint for that Dubai thread- anyone know of it?
  9. Go to Chloe Shopping and check under Chloe Sacoche is having a sale or something like that. I have bought from them before and they are great to work with!
  10. Get the one you love~ BAY :tup:
  11. Hi ladies, just FYI, the sacoche boutique which is having a chloe sale is in the Kingdom of BAHRAIN which is a completely different country altogether from the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai is located.:yes: Bahrain is about a 1hr flt away from Dubai. And argghhh..the sale is still going on right now!what temptation!:hysteric: OH! my vote is on the BAY!!!
  12. Do you know what they have left?
  13. yes, i spoke to irene today,they only have two red non quilted bays and one in elephant.the paille is gone. they also have chain bettys in navy and brown and they have the large bettys (normal straps) in brun and chamois.these were the ones i was asking about...and i do know that they already sold out on the moka quilted bay but i think they might have the ecru one (not sure though).hope this helps!