Bay bag ad from Elle magazine

  1. Hey Chloe ladies: I don't usually hang out in this subforum, but when I saw this bag in the February issue of Elle, I had to come on in. Looks like you've all been chatting about this Bay bag for weeks, but it's new to me. I like it. Could be my first Chloe!
    Chloe01.JPG Chloe02.JPG
  2. :heart: thanks for posting! and :welcome: welcome to the Chloe subforum!
  3. sure is a great bag isnt it :smile:
  4. What appeals to me is that it looks a bit more dressy, even sophisticated and glam, than the usual Chloe bag. I'm a 40-year-old :push: professional working woman, and frankly, I never bought a Paddington or Edith because they were a bit too casual, young, "boho" for me, with their distressed leather and all. (Although plenty of you Chloe girls can rock 'em, I know!) I've been looking for a big black satchel for work--thought about the YSL Rive Gauche, or the MJ Stam that I never bought. But this Chloe Bay bag might fit the bill!

    Do you Chloe experts think it will be a big hit? Or is it kind of risky, with all the designer turnover at Chloe the past couple of years?
  5. I think its going to be a really popular bag this season, it also looks incredible in the white (I am definately pre ordering this one ;)

    The bag is definitely getting more press than the other Chloe bags in the collection, here is Kylie Minogue carrying it, and wearing a devine white Chloe coat too ;)
  6. I want that bag so bad!! I think it's gonna be super popular this season