bay area tokis

  1. hmph. in ths past week i've seen THREE, count them, T-H-R-E-E people with tokis. one girl i saw at target in san jose with a CR stellina. i commented on her bag saying that i liked it. the girl completely ignored me and looked right past me.

    another time i saw a blur of pink pass by me. once again it's a CR. what style? i don't remember. i think this was on campus at SJSU.

    and tonight, i saw a girl sitting at the table next to me in the milpitas in-n-out with a bella paradiso. she still had the qee tags on it! what's with that?

    sorry, if any of you were the girls i saw this week. all i really wanted to do was say "hi." :sad:
  2. I saw some people at comic con carrying bags with the tags still on it. I always wondered if they planned on selling them later as NWT :confused1:
  3. i went to VF yesterday and i saw a few people with Toki's. i always wonder if any were TPF-ers. the more i wear my toki's it looks like the more i see them around.
  4. uh oh...i feel like a toki noob! are you supposed to take the qees off when you use them? i always thought they were supposed to be on there for decoration so i left mine on. my son likes to play with my purse alot though b/c he likes the cars on citta and i left the chain and qees on it for him to play with. :smile: he's 20 months.
  5. i think maybe she meant the white lesportsac tags, chain w/the papers, qee still wrapped, etc.
    things like that.
  6. OMG! Do you go to SJSU? XD I wear a Tokidoki bag everyday to school. xD
  7. Oh no, I meant the wrapper on the qee, plus the Lesportsac/qee tags, price tag, etc.
  8. ohhhh..okay, that is strange to have all the tags on! :smile:
  9. i do go to SJSU. i don't use my tokis for school. PM me if anything!
  10. I've seen a few girls who wear their tokidoki bags like that. I totally don't understand why. I see a lot of girls wearing their harajuku bags like that also. I just don't get it. :shrugs:
  11. I saw this girl with a foresta mamma mia at SJSU once! Man, I would love to have a foresta mamma mia.:drool: I've actually seen a few girls on campus with toki bags. In fact, on the first day of school, I saw like three and they were all different print of BVs! haha. I've also seen a few fake ones myself but I've got nothing aganist people wearing fake tokis. Anyway, I wear my scuola to school all the time so say "Hi"!
  12. xD I haven't seen anyone with a scoula. I sort of like it more and more everytime I look at it. I wanna say hi! but what if I say hi to someone.. who isn't you LOL! that'd be embarassing. :roflmfao: