Bay Area Tokidoki Fans - Purist

  1. Hello fellow Tokidoki lovers!

    Just wanted to let you know there's a new store in San Jose that sells Tokidoki handbags and shirts.

    66 South First St.
    Downtown SJ, CA 95113

    They have Tutti, Spiagga, Pirata and L'Amore.

    They have Pirata in MM
    Tutti in Dolce & Scuola

    Just to name a few...

  2. cool..maybe i can go visit the boutique sometime soon! thanks for posting:biggrin:
  3. Thanks for posting :p
  4. thanks!!!! more tokidoki in bay area is always a good thing!
  5. Yay! Thanks for posting. I'll make sure I go check that place out. xD
  6. cool! so did any of you guys ever check it out???
  7. any discounts? ehehehe i wish!