Bay Area Purse Forum meeting?

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  1. How about it? I know there are a lot of us around SF, San Jose, Palo Alto perhaps (ahem). Would anyone else be interested? :shrugs:
  2. I think we've had two of these already! But we should have another one!
  3. I am! :yahoo: Hopefully when I'm at home or able to come up from school!
  4. Ill sticky this for you!
  5. Thanks Jill! You HAVE had them hehe I missed out. I want to meet you guys!
  6. I have not been to one and I would love to meet everyone!

    Palo Alto sounds like a great spot with less traffic that SF or San Jose.
  7. I'm in!!! SF would be the best place for me because that way I dont have to drag my boyfriend there with me
  8. Palo Alto sounds good to me, it won't be as crazy as SF but I can do SF too....
  9. I can meet anywhere! :yahoo:
  10. Palo Alto would be convenient for me :biggrin: We could meet at my dorm! Just kidding, just kidding. I have a car, so anywhere would be fine.
  11. I've only been a member since last month, so I would love to meet everyone!!! :smile:
  12. Oh I want to go! I haven't been to one yet.
  13. Count me in -- I haven't met anyone yet! I'm in San Francisco but I can drive elsewhere ... hopefully something will be scheduled after the holidays because it's way too crazy to plan something now!
  14. In January perhaps? I'll be leaving for LA until the 9th at the end of the week and I'm sure holidays will be hectic for all.
  15. I vote san francisco!

    if so, Im IN