Bay Area PFers??

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  1. Where is the best place to shop for a Chanel? Know of any upcoming sales?? I'm dying to get my first Chanel and would be even happier if I got a sale price!!
  2. Now in chanel boutique has sales. Also in Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdales--
  3. There still might be sales going on at NM or Saks on the beige and pink cambons. You should call and check.
  4. Go to the Chanel boutique in San Francisco. Have Trisha help you. I adore her. She is very helpful and I feel like she actually gets my sense of style and recommends stuff that I would like. She's also good with followup calls to make sure I like my purchase and to see if I have any questions. Just go and tell her that you're considering buying your first Chanel and ask to see the Fall/Winter book.
  5. I don't know of the best place but the places I can think of that sell Chanel in the bay are:

    NM in Palo Alto, CA
    NM in SF, CA
    Chanel boutique in SF, CA

    Since NM is having their sale right now, you might be able to catch a good deal on your first Chanel!
  6. i would personally avoid the chanel departments in Neiman Marcus palo alto and san francisco. the service is awful and they have a very limited selection. i'd definitely go for the chanel boutique in san francisco. all of the salespeople there i've encountered past and present are excellent.
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