Bay Area PF meeting in SF on 2/10

  1. How's that sound to people? We can have another one in a couple of weeks in SJ. The Bay Area group seemed pretty polarized, so I think I'm going to take into my hands as the OP and call this one. Who can make it?
  2. Augh! I can't make it, I'm doing my Valentine's getaway weekend that Saturday with my husband. Oh well. I was hoping to get to one of these....
  3. Sorry :crybaby: Valentine's Day trip to Napa that Saturday.

    Hopefully I'll catch the SJ event!
  4. I'm in! Hubby and I will celebrate on the 14th itself. Please post more info when you have it!
  5. Bump. Where is everyone? :sad:
  6. Where in SF will this be Steph? I think I will be able to make it but I probably won't be able to stay too long
  7. Not sure where. Just throwing a date out there. We should probably get a group together then figure this out over PM.
  8. i'll join the SJ meet up. thanks for setting it up nerdphanie!
  9. I won't be moving to San Francisco until the end of February so maybe I will make the next meet up.
  10. Awww, I wish I could make it. Hopefully I can go to the SJ one.
  11. STicky this for ya
  12. Jill rocks my socks.
  13. rats...we're doing our v-day getaway that weekend too :sad: guess i'm out...
  14. hmm...maybe we should change the date. I just wanted to get the ball rolling :sweatdrop:
  15. Gah I have a class trip to Monterey that day :sad: