Bay Area Meet Up Reveal

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  1. Shopping with a group of advisors and enablers ensures a great outcome. I was looking for a bag to match my wardrobe for an upcoming trip. We tried out red, we tried out metallics. We tried totes, we tried pillows. Pillow Brunito for the win! along with its matching little zipper wallet.

    Got that all paid for and wrapped up and then felt the siren call of dangly earrings and now I am earring twins with Diane. If you've been coming back and looking at them for a year, it was meant to be.

    So here they all are, with flash and without.

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  3. Lovely........bruinito is the best
  4. Beautiful!!!!

  5. We are so thrilled you found the perfect bag and small wallet.
    Brunito is a perfect color for you. Enjoy the pillow. It's a very versatile BV. And so happy to have met you today. Didn't realize you are so close. Diane and I will keep you posted on our impromptu meet ups in Palo Alto. And we are open to a trip over the hill.

  6. You're welcome from the planning committee. We enjoy the meet ups to chat about our shared interests. We especially enjoy making new connections. We were so thrilled to meet you and Bagreedy. It's amazing that we live so close in the Silicon Valley.
  7. Today was so much fun. We need to do it again soon! It's nice to have an earring twin.
  8. It was a treat to help you buy peices for your upcoming trip. And it was a bigger treat to meet you!

    Like others wrote, it was a really nice afternoon. What a nice group! I was driving home and thinking how lucky I am and that there is much to be grateful for. Meeting these friendly, kind, intelligent, and fun BVetttes was really terrific.
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    Great choices CC, I loved the swatches you brought and can totally visualize Brunito working with everyone of them. I want that wallet too:smile: and a lanyard.

    It was very nice to meet everyone and see their beautiful BV treasures. Thank you for a lovely afternoon and planning the meetup.

    Ohh and the most fun aspect was to see each of you work BV like a rockstar and make it work with your own personal style. Auh-maz-ing !!
  10. Nice haul! :flowers:
    Brunito is the perfect neutral, it will go with everything.
  11. Such a lovely haul. Love brunito.
  12. Nice outing indeed! Nothing better than shopping with your peeps. [emoji4]. Those earrings are lovely, I must have missed that reveal.

    Enjoy them all on your upcoming trip.
  13. Congratulations, I know they are going to be great pieces for you! It was such a pleasure meeting you and the other BVettes, thanks Mousse for organizing it!
  14. Love your buys!
  15. Thanks all!
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