Bay Area Macys????

  1. does anyone know if any of the Bay Area Macys carry Tokidoki Clothing? if so where and which dept. i have never found any.

  2. annabelle - I have heard that the SF macys has it in their juniors section but haven't had time to check it out myself!!
  3. Macy's Union Square has them in their Thisit (juniors) floor.
  4. downtown macy's does for sure. I was there last week and they didn't have a whole lot of it. No clearance stuff though, I checked. But there might be now. :shrugs:
  5. Does the Macys in Union Square sell bags?!

    Im going there in a couple days!
  6. yes, it does.

  7. does anyone know if the Macys at Westfield Mall sell it???
  8. UM, there is no Macy's in westfield mall.
  9. UM, there is no Macy's in westfield mall.:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  10. yeah valley fair is a westfield mall and there is a macy's there. The "new" mall in downtown SF is also a westfield mall and there isn't a macy's there. Oh and I think oakridge is a westfield mall. But not sure if there's a macy's there.
  11. there's a macys in oakridge mall
  12. i feel so stupid.....the mall is next to my school and i still dont know the stores inside of it...i just assumed since that mall is sooooo big!!!!
    now that i think of it, its a shame there isnt a Macys there.