Bay area boys and of choice?

  1. So, as I mentioned in my other thread I went to Stanford yesterday.

    Valley Fair is really close to me so I go there usually (a, but am thinking of making the trek out to Stanford from now on. I find the VF really hit and miss, sometimes I have a good experience there, sometimes not.

    The Stanford store just is so much more lively and fun, it seems to me. Lots of interaction between the SAs and just good advice and pleasant experience. I mentioned this last time I was there, I only go once in awhile to Stanford, yet they always seem to remember my name and greet me immediately.

    Sometimes I can wander around VF for 5 minutes before someone will ask me, without a lot of enthusiasm, if I need help..and I have been shopping there for years!

    I have been thinking about this for awhile...and between VF forgetting to put my inclusion keychain in the bag and the horrible service I got when I called about it ( ) and yesterday, I think I am done with VF. BTW, I still have not gone in to get my's paid for, so it's in the sold area... I was going to go yesterday, but it got too late after shopping at Stanford.

    What are you experiences? I would love to hear, maybe it's just me.
  2. Well tomorrow I'm going to check out the VF store for the first time (I normally live in San Bruno but live in Santa Cruz for school) so I'll tell you what I think about it. I really do like the Stanford store. Everytime I walk into the store in Union Square I usually just get odd looks, except for the one time a very nice SA greeted me right away and showed me all the bags I wanted to see. Good luck and I want to hear how it goes! :yes:
  3. I live in San Francisco, so I have my choice of three stores: Needless Markup (Neiman Marcus:smile:), The LV Flagship store, and Bloomingdales. Of the three, I prefer one SA at Neiman's (Although she is the only nice & helpful SA there. The others could care less about helping me.), but usually end up at the LV in Union Square.
  4. I go to Valley Fair since it's closest to me. I only stop by the one in Palo Alto when I want to do some shopping in Neiman Marcus.

    My SA is usually great...but he failed to call me when the berry Inclusions came in. When I had gone in before, he had written down on a piece of paper all the items I asked for and said they'd call when the pieces arrived. They did call me for the pastilles charm, but not for the Inclusions :Push: I went into LV about a month later and noticed they had a berry ring on display and my SA pulled out all the new Inclusions for me to look at. He seemed to have totally forgotten I had waitlisted for these :shrugs:
  5. My choice would be Nordstrom, NM and LV. I like going to Stanford sometimes but I prefer going downtown in Union Square.
  6. Of course LV, Diesel (for great customer service), and a consignment store called Good Byes- I got a Burberry polo, Jil Sander hoodie, and YSL dress shirt for $100!
  7. Valleyfair is about 10 mins away from work and home so i stop at LV there once in a while. I do sometimes got to Stanford LV and had great experince everytime i go there.
  8. I LOVE Valley Fair. All the SA's are really nice and greet me when I come in. I find that they are very knowledgeable and don't try to sell anything to me. But, sadly my SA has since left and I am following her to her new store in SF.

    The Palo Alto LV is closer but, I feel like I know more about the products than they do, which is big minus for me.

    The SF Union Square store has the best inventory, but I feel like they are really pushy. The LV in the new Bloomindales seems okay, pretty crowded though.
  9. Union Square LV. :yes:
  10. The LV Flagship in Union Square reopens on November 10, by the way. (In other words, they won't be in the basement anymore.)
  11. Funny cuz, I didn't really have a good experience at the Stanford LV. My other friends had better luck at Stanford. I usually go to the Union Square Flagship since it's closest to me..and they usually have everything I want to try on. I'm starting to like the LV in the new Bloomingdales, even though its tiny...the SA's I've encountered there have so far been really nice and not pushy.

    I say it's a hit or miss anywhere you go, just go where you feel you were best served! :smile:
  12. Union Square LV is closest to me but I've never gone in as I heard the SA arent too friendly.

    I had a good experience in the NEW Bloomingdales LV in downtown SF. It was a small store and crowded so if you know what you want and don't want to wait for a SA, it might not be the store for you. It was packed last weekend when I went but I had a good time as I just like to browse without pushy SA or SA making you feel uncomfortable in the store but at the SA were so nice... one girl was helping me and she was so relaxed. Not rushing me, not pushy and no snooty or anything! I liked it cause I could help myself and look without calling attention to myself. I just blended in with the hundred other people in there.

    I loved my experience at Standford Palo Alto LV. It was very quiet both times I went so if you like more than one friendly SAs helping you.... you'll love it! I was the only one in the store and the SA are all friendly. The one I got was friendly, kind, AND patient. I scrutinize the bag before I buy and check for any flaws it may have. This SA was so kind be showed me all the bags in the same style they had both in the drawer and went into the back to bring a couple mroe out for me. It was wonderful! he didn't give me any attitude or made me feel like I was being overly picky. A very enjoyable experience.
  13. The SF LV Flagship store is my store of choice mainly because it is the closest LV to meI have not been to the other ones in the bay. Everytime I go to union square, I have had exceptional service and a great time chatting with the SAs. :cutesy: I have have had nothing but a great experience there, they have a great selection and it's so close to all the designer boutiques! I absolutely cannot wait until the re grand opening of the store!:tender:
  14. I recently got my Speedy at the Valley Fair location and found the experience to be pleasant enough. It's just that I was so nervous to be in the store for the first time! The other customers were also very nice to me, but I think it is because I had my little dog Goldie with me. :smile:
  15. I like the Stanford store best. The SAs are terrific; really good about calling me when items arrive that I've expressed an interest in, superb service, not pushy, etc.

    I went to the Valley Fair Store and asked to be put on the waitlist for the groom agenda and they never bothered to call me. I got mine at Stanford instead and as a result only shop there now. :smile: