Baxter dog bag.....

  1. Hey guys....
    Okay, I always loved the sac chien.... to be honest it looks a bit gay for men to have it, especially with such a tiny dog..... but I wouldn't care... If I had a dog I'd def would get one.... I once even thought of getting a dog just to carry him in the sac chien....
    But that new bag, the Sac Baxter really would look a little weird on a men, wouldn't it?
    I mean it looks like a women's purse...... but they suggest it for men as well on

    What are your opinions?
  2. I don't like the mono sac chiens I would either SO one and I wouldn't care what people think I would get a pooch just to carry this one;)


  3. Wow.... I never saw that one.... that is really cool.... :tup:
  4. you should see this one!

  5. this is a more masculine option.

  6. Wow.... is that ostrich leather????.... Where do you get those????
    Got any more?:wlae:
  7. It's ostrich indeed, I do my homework, that's all I have...
  8. :nuts: Thanx a lot..... :woohoo:
  9. you are welcome :biggrin:
  10. I think the Sac Baxter looks great.
  11. Yeah, it does.... but for men?:confused1:
  12. Sac Baxter for men is great too! Not fem at all
  13. I think this is a much more masculine look...
  14. Hey dogs are people too!
    I would spend your money on a bag you don't have to accessorise with a dog.
  15. Wait.... are you serious??? Are you mad at me???? Listen, I am not a selfish idiot.... I would never ever get a dog just because I want to get a bag to carry him around.... that was a joke.... Please don't tell me that you didn't get that....:confused1:

    Nobody could possibly be that stupid.....

    I just ran over the Baxter on the page and was wondering whether it really was for men.....