bawling over my hair color *pics*

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  1. I rarely color or highlight my hair. I also don't have a regular stylist b/c they keep moving or disapearing on me.

    Anyway ..... I went in today and asked for highlights. This is what I got. I can't even see much of a difference. I want red highlights and this is the second time I have asked for red highlights and been told blonde (and in this case) chestnutt brown is better.

    If my hair has natural red highlights - why is it better to do some other color? I don't want to argue with a stylist, demanding red highlights and then have it look like crap but I am not happy with this.

    Also I THOUGHT highlights were for the top layer of your hair? She did foil through all my hair but kept calling them "highlights" so I was confused. What is the name for when you just want your hair highlighted? Like just the top?

    I don't understand what she did and I have been crying b/c what I really wanted was a change of some kind and I don't see any change. These pics are before and after. Before is about 3 weeks ago. After is in the same lighting. I am wearing shades b/c I have cried all my makeup off.

  2. i dont really see a difference either? :confused1: i would ask for my money back or have them rehighlight your hair with the color you asked for...
  3. I also don't see a difference.
    What I did when I was unhappy was called the salon and found out which days that stylist was OFF. Called back and spoke to a manager about having my hair done again on a day she wasn't there.
    Highlighting doesn't mean which part, it's a term used when you color just pieces of your hair. I get a "full highlight" and that's all over my head. A "partial highlight" would mean from the mid point of the back of my head forward. Either way, it's a "highlight".
  4. I don't see a difference either. But don't cry, I think it is better to get too little than to have gotten a really bad job or had your hair badly damaged, KWIM?
  5. I would go back asap and get it fixed the way you want it, not what the stylist recommends. You'll need to go back or call tonight or tomorrow to arrange to have it corrected.

    She did a full highlight, partial is just usually the top half of head or if you want even less you can ask for crown highlights.

    Dont cry...just have them fix it.:yes:
  6. In the top pic can you see the natural red? It is only really that visible with a flash of the camera or right under a light bulb? I would like highlights so it looks like that all the time? Why do they keep steering me toward light browns or blondes? Is there red highlight the color of my natural ones? Since I don't know what I am doing I tend to want to trust a stylist when she tells me something is the best. Plus what I MOST wanted was a change however I see no change.
  7. I also don't see much of a difference. Although about the highlights thing, a lot of people think its just on the top layer, but they also put some within, so that it looks more natural at all angles.

    Hun don't cry *hug*, you can go back and tell them that isn't what you wanted. That you see no difference.

    At least your hair still looks really pretty, so you aren't at a loss :love:.
  8. Yes I would also let them know that is not what you wanted. It's their job to do your hair the way you want it. Of course they can give suggestions but you're the one making the decision.
  9. Don't cry! :hugs:

    I don't really see a difference between the two're gorgeous, btw! Just go back and tell them this isn't what you wanted and to fix it.
  10. u ladies are sweet. i have quit crying. I didn't know u could ask a salon for your money back. I thought u could only do that if like they turned your hair green or something. I emailed them and asked for a credit on my acct. I sent the pics too. They seem like a pretty reputable salon. I will be happy with a credit for a another cut.
  11. Ok don't throw stuff at me, but I honestly like it better in the second pic. It looks really shiny and healthy and the new color is very flattering on you!
  12. Aw don't be does not look bad at all. To be honest it pretty much looks the same. If you really like the salon maybe you should try another stylist. You are to the point where you should not have to waste more time and money not getting what you want. Its ok to not try out another one, and make sure before he/she starts on your hair that you have seen color swatches together.
  13. I agree - is does look shiny and healthy - but she just used a big round brush on it and blew it out. So I expect shiny and healthy. However, I don't think the color looks very different at all. I won't throw anything at ya. ;)
  14. I have to agree that I don't see much of a difference between the two either. But you do look beautiful with that hair color!

    Definitely go back and talk to the salon about it, because if you are paying the money to have it look a certain way, then that is what you should be getting. Yes, a stylist has gone through training and what not, but they are supposed to also make the client happy.

    And at my salon, when you want highlights on just the top layer, they call it a 'top foil'. So maybe ask for something like that if you decide to go back?
  15. I think the 1st picture has more red than the 2nd. It looks like whatever color they did took red out instead of accenting it.

    I usually get a 'partial' foil - which is the top part, like from the crown up & then have my hairdresser throw a couple underneath in back & on the sides for when I wear my hair up.

    I like your hair color - but foils can be expensive & if you didn't get what you wanted you should be compensated some how. Hopefully they can rectify it!

    A good hairdresser is so hard to find. Mine opened her own shop much further away but I still go out of my way to see her & it's worth it.

    One thing she always says to me over & over - you can not lift color with color - so you may have to keep what you have for a little bit, but I think your hair is pretty!