Baume and Mercier or Cartier

  1. Any comments? I really like the Riviera watch. My mom prefers a bigger name, like Rolex or Omega... but I like a nice watch that's subtle. What do you think? Is a bigger name better in the long run?

    Between this and Cartier, which one would you choose? Did anyone get the Ballon Bleu yet? It's gorgeous! I actually love the look of it more, but as far as I know, none of the models come with a date, whereas the Riviera does.

    I think I saw a watch brand prestige chart here a while back... can't find it anymore. Does anyone have it? And mind posting it again?
  2. I think I would get the Cartier. I've been looking at the Ballon Bleu models, and they are absolutely stunning.

  3. That would be interesting to see, I would love to see that as well! Just based on my personal knowledge, I would say go for the Cartier! I also love Rolex datejust which has the date...