Baum PS Quote (Too good to be true?!)

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  1. Baum replied to me on Kakao after I sent photos in and inquired about rhino and double eyelid.

    $600 for non incision double eyelid
    $3200 for rhino w/donated rib cartilage

    I'm a little skeptical as those prices seem really cheap but also because they did not give them in KRW (I'm guessing she assumed USD).

    Help! Are these prices too good to be true?
  2. Hello Soysaucee,

    I'm not surprised about the price for non incisional double eyelid for (primary case) as my friend and I was offered the same or lower price at different clinics after all it's only non incisional. So 600,000 won or $600usd sounds about right.

    As for $3,200 for donated rib cartilage might be just an estimate. The final price will come down to actual consultation and what materials will be needed for your nose. I'm guessing the donated rib cartilage is only for your columella strut correct? If this is so, then sounds about right. But if you add on ultra silicone for bridge and ear cartilage for tip I doubt the price will stay the same. But if they offer you that price for everything then it's a very decent price as they are a new clinic so they have to accommodate to new patient. Good luck!
  3. Where is Baum located at?? Hospitals in Gangam is most expensive :sad:
  4. hey Soysaucee,
    I did my nose at Baum and it's around that price as well. I heard from my friend that they have fixed price list. Anyway i think Baum charges less than other clinics because it is a small clinic (1 storey only) compared to big clinics with multiple storeys hence you pay less for their facilities.
  5. Hi Happysoul,
    Who did your nose at Baum? Which materials did your nose require? Did you do anything else? thanks so much in advance for sharing! Im thinking about Baum also!
  6. Hi kkttyy, Sorry for the late reply! :smile: Dr park is the one who performed my surgery. Silicon is used for my bridge while septal and ear cartilage is used for my nose tip. I have done alar base reduction as well.
  7. Hi happy soul
    Thank you for your reply how happy are you with your nose?
    How much did you pay also ?
    Thank you so much !
  8. Hi Kkttyy,
    yep, im happy with my nose. it looks very natural and it improves my side view by a lot. However, like someone mentioned in this forum, dr park tends to make nose that are a little pointy (something like snsd tiffany's nose). At first when i was healing, my nose look a little too pointy at the tip for my liking. But as my nose slowly takes it shape, it looks less pointy now and my friend said it suits my face. So overall, probably i will give it an 8/10.

    I paid 3.38 million KRW in total. :smile:
  9. As I know, the doctors from Baum are from Braun, and do pretty good nose jobs, especially for guys
  10. #10 Aug 6, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2016
    Have you seen their before afters? Looks extremely unnatural to me, extremely pointy, extremely high. There's no way thats passing off as natural any time soon

    Imo for guys looking uglier but natural is alot better than having a clearly plastic face. Looking plastic takes away your masculinity
  11. True, their styles are too elegant to be realistic. But because I Asia I guess, they want to look more like Caucasians and it becomes a trend now, so ... yeah haha
  12. I don't think this looks elegant at all. Its very artificial @Eric I never thought about it that way. When a guy looks plastic they do lose their masculinity huh.
  13. I personally don't like that kind of nose as well
    But some really wants to have a dramatic and fake's their choice ><
  14. I agree with you completely. It’s fair to says everyone have different taste in beauty. I love love her nose. I like the projection of her tip. Clearly, her nose looks stiff as it is still new. All nose after rhinoplasty looks stiff for a few months then gradually it become more natural.

    Moreover, I found this girl after and this is exactly what I want to achieve as I have similar structure to her before nose.

    If I can achieve this at Baum, I’ll be so grateful. Hopefully, they can do rib rhinoplasty. Added to my list for consultation!