Bauletto vitello lux quarzo

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  1. Hi! Anyone have this color? I just got my first mm bag! However the color looks nicer in boutique due to the lighting. Kind of "regreted"!

    Can someone cheer me up? Actually what this color should be? Beige? Mine looks a dirty yellowish offwhite to me
  2. my 1st miumiu bag in Quartzo!
  3. Beautiful color! Sorry I haven't seen this color IRL yet so I can't say, but in your pic it's gorgeous!
  4. :yahoo: heehee! Thank you Thank you!
  5. #5 Feb 6, 2010
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    I just saw this color at NAP for the bow -> is this quartzo? I believe so..

    When you zoom in the pic at NAP, actually you can see traces of dark this should be normal

    I thought how did my piece looks like that, kind of distressed leather!..I can't really see the patches under the lights in the boutique as the material is reflective.. Anyway, overall its still a very versatile color and I'm loving it more & more! :smile:
  6. Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
    I like the style and the colour - it´s very versatile!
  7. Thank u shivadiva!
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    I have this one! I was like you, wasn't so sure about it. But now, I love it!
    It's like a light beige colour. However, I wish the lining inside wasn't brown.
    I'm tired of looking at brown stuff. Hahaha
  9. oh, I love this bag!
  10. The color is very versatile! Congrats!
  11. It's a really nice colour. Whats ths name of the colour in the miu miu card / receipt?

    May I know the price you paid for it. I bought mine ( black ) like 2.5 years ago in Hong Kong, landmark .
  12. The color is quarzo! Thanks all for the compliments! :smile:

    bought in Singapore sgd1970. Hope that helps!
  13. oh, don't regret - it's a goregous bag! i

    have been contemplating buy the bow in quartzo but i think i like this, the vitello better. it looks like it's more easy to access...

    if i had access to a miu miu store, i would buy your bag today :P
  14. Yes , indeed the vitello shopper is easier to access that the bow coz the bow has the fold.

    Its just a matter of time before i get myself another vitello ( I have one in black) :biggrin: Love that bag.

    And this colour , the cream colour is on my list.
  15. Love it. The color is gorgeous and very versatile. Congrats!