Bauletto advice

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  1. Hey ladies, i could use some advice on the dbag bauletto.

    I have been craving this style for a while now. I am ussually into shoulder bags and i was wondering if this works comfortably with the shoulder strap. I have looked at the bag and the leather seemed really rough and it felt a bit cheap, i really want something lasting. Also, is it super slouchy or does it hold shape?

    Most importantly, what color?

    I wear mostly black with neutral/camel coats and accesoiries.
  2. Hi Sabine, I just got this one in purple and I LOVE it! However, I've found that the strap isn't that comfortable because it's pretty narrow at about 1 cm. Once I put a few things into the bag, I took the strap off and just used the handles. I think the leather is smooth and beautiful, and I like it much better than the pebbled leather. It's not super slouchy but definitely doesn't stand up on its own without the stuffing.
  3. hi.

    I'll have to get back to you on the shoulder strap...I never use mine.

    I thought the leather was pretty smooth. Doesn't seem cheap to me, sorry you felt that way :sad:

    As far as keeping its shape, it isn't rigid when the stuffing is out, but mine still stands up on its own, without the stuffing in it, it just gets a big ripple.

    You can google pics of it, the pics on the net are pretty close as far as seeing the slouchiness.

    color? for you, sounds like I'd get a beige or camel hue, or in that family

    keep us posted :smile:
  4. PS I got the grey (personally I think it is taupe) from last year. I love it.

    Seems like a neutral to me. Dont think they carry that shade, but if you ask me all the shades are divine...even purple would match what you said you wear, I think. :smile:
  5. Sorry, I meant to say - the bag does stay upright on its own without the stuffing, but it doesn't stand up straight as in the marketing pics. I agree with gratefull that most of the colors I've seen will work with your wardrobe, but the camel might be best.
  6. hi sabine! i bought the d-bag bauletto the last week. i just can tell my own personal opinoin: i think this bag is beautiful just in neutral colours (in black it's not's not even ugly, but black doesn't really show and support the beauty of this bag). so, you can chose every color you want, but only neutral in my opinion!
    then, about the shoulder strap i can tell you that it's quite comfortable, but for me this bag is better taken as an the LV speedy! because it's not flat.. but, of course, if it's necessary you can use the shoulder strap (i'm using it too, because it'n not beautiful, but surely comfortable!).
    sorry for my english, not perfect ;)
    anyway, the d-bag is a timeless bag, you will never stop to use it!
  7. I have the bag in the mushroom grey and have not yet used the shoulder strap. The bag is soft and beautiful and very practical. I prefer holding it in the hand and the handles are just the right length to balance the weight and make it easy to carry. I also have a first generation D-bag which came with a strap as well and never used the strap on that bag either.
    I coveted and visited this bag for about a year until I finally purchased it and I HIGHLY recommend it. It's so beautiful!
  8. i just bought the d-bag bauletto in taupe (just like my profile pic) from bluefly. unfortunately it does not come with a shoulder strap. any advice on how or where to get the shoulder strap?

    thank you!
  9. Not sure, but I would ask a manager at a boutique for help. I just got off the phone with the Bal Harbour manager regarding another bag I am expecting and even though I have only been dealing with an associate, she was well acquainted with all the goings on in the store.....a very good sign. She may know if it is orderable from Tod's.
  10. Call bluefly. There should be a shoulder strap. It belongs to the bag.
    I have the exact same bag than you (great choise, i really love the colour) and it came with a strap!
  11. Oooo, you should see the chrome grey snake. It is new for S/S 2011. I posted a pic in the Pre-Spring, S/S 2011 sticky thread!
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    Last edited: Dec 12, 2010
    Here is my new baby (ebene with contrast stitching) - perfect under the radar bag for work.... she is fully stuffed with laptop, chameleon, H shawl in GM Karo, PM Karo for cosmetics, sunglasses, eyeglasses, kindle, etc. The leather feels wonderful to me - super soft and luxurious.

    For reference I am 5 1, and wearing sweats, so the bag looks larger than it actually is IRL. no plans to use the should strap. seems too thin given everything i carry and unnecessary as the bag fits well on the shoulder.


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  13. Congrats, doloresmia. I have had this bag for a couple of months and love it. It was one of those items I had been visiting over a year, thinking I might forget about it. It definitely was meant to be mine and I enjoy carrying it every day. It is so understated and beautifully made. The ebene is gorgeous! Enjoy wearing it - it looks so pretty on you!
  14. thank you maedi - i had "visited" the d bag a couple times too over the year, thinking i might forget.... and so glad i did.
  15. Wow, I love this. I too need a big work bag, under the radar. Did you get this at SCP?