Bauble watch pendant

  1. Are they still available? Im in love with the yellow pear, the apple, the cherries, the heart, star..well every1 of them except the ones in gold, lol.
    They are so pretty! Where can you buy them?
  2. I bought the Green Apple watch necklace from Nordstrom (before Christmas) and the last time I was there I saw that they had a few left (less than a mont ago.)
  3. Thank you guys! I had my mother in law looking out for me at Nordstrom some months ago but she said she couldnt find I kinda thought that they stopped selling them. But now i know :biggrin:
  4. wow i hadnt seen the cherry or heart ones. so cute. i want one now =x
  5. the star in white and in black are now $99.90 at Nordies.
  6. Cute! I want the cherry one
  7. i just got the guitar one its super cute!

    and i got the guitar watch!

    i just wish i had gotten the bow watch..
  8. has anyone seen them somewhere in europe? I checked nordstorm, bloomingdales and co, the have some of them in stock but they doesn´t ship to europe :sad:
  9. I love those! And I just saw these pave ones - so cute.

  10. I love the pear!
  11. the pave ones look really cute, I like the pear too.

    Anyone who knows, where to get the pendants in europe??
  12. the pear is my favorite.. i wear mine a lot!
  13. Ooooooooooh, I love this one: