"Batwings" in chevre, vache liegee, togo etc.--when, how severe, any cure?

  1. I'm curious about the "batwing" phemomenon mentioned in many threads. Please share your experiences: How long did it take your togo, clemence, etc. to develop them? Did you get batwings with the stiffer leathers such as chevre, vache liegee, or epsom?

    Is there a 100% correlaton between slouching and batwings? Or can you get batwings without slouching and vice versa? If you're not a batwing lover, can you reign in the "wings"? Does the spa hasten or delay the onset?

    I have a black 35 chevre PH, about a year old, lightly used. No batwings yet...
  2. ummmmmmmm, what the H is a batwing?:huh:
  3. ^^^When the sides of your bag stick out. I have a clemence 35 and still don't have bat wings yet:p
  4. Kinda like this:


    Toonie, how long have you had your clemence?
  5. oh, thank you!:smartass:
  6. i saw a 30 black clemence last week that had extreme batwings - now that i know what they are.
  7. I was wondering what 'batwings ' were. Thanks!
  8. I have only experienced in the Clemence and Swift leathers,....This is why I am a fan of box calf, and epson, and the "exotic" leathers...they do not get them.
  9. Is chevre considered an "exotic leather?"
  10. Well, not in my mind, but it is firmer than the ones mentioned above, so it should have less of a "batwing" problem.
  11. Mizzle, I wear my box calf and chevre bags a lot, no bat wings at all. :smile: I agree with Avandome that it's probably more evident in softer leather like Clemence, Swift etc., especially in a bigger size bag.
  12. What about togo? I'm so new to this... Thank you.... :p
  13. Togo, not so much. if the bag is not full it may show a little, but the other "cure" is lock up the straps in place.
  14. I think also use of a purseket encourages "batwings" since the purseket it round and pushs out the sides.
    I also think that it depends on how stuffed you bag is - the more stuff - the more tendency to develop batwings.
  15. Ditto!