Battling with Bra's - Best Bra's for *Petite* Girls?

  1. I recently underwent a large transformation from 265 pounds to a meer 99. I was a near 44 double D at my highest weight, and now find I'm an A - and my back measures out to a 30. I've tried Victoria Secret bra after Victoria Secret bra and none fit right - plus the straps fall off my shoulders NONE STOP at their tightest - and I'm just fed up, spending $50.00 for a bra that fits shoddily (is that a real word? :confused1:). So I need HELP! :nuts:
  2. I've never had good luck with VS bras even though I know a lot of people on TPF like them.

    I think you may have better luck with bras made in Europe since European companies usually design for smaller women. Le Mystere and Chantall are made in France. They come in a lot of sizes and are really good quality (and about the same price $50-70). I wear a large bra (DD) but I'm still petite (5'4") and don't want 20 hooks in the back and huge should straps even at my size. I find they are usually 1-3 hooks (even for a DD) and have thin straps that you can make quite snug. They also make a huge range of sizes. I buy mine at Nordstrom and they have a couple on sale right now.

    Congrats on your weight loss....
  3. I love CALVIN KLEIN! I am a 32C, but try and use the tightest setting...inner most latch. Don't understand why bras are so pricey these days. Hope this works!
  4. I would really recommend getting a professional bra fitting. Not at Victoria's Secret, but at a specialty shop, or even Nordstrom. They'll measure you and show you a variety of bras that will suit you. And, speaking from personal experience, it's worth to spend the money on a high quality bra that really fits. The shop I went to even had the bra tailored to fit me and mailed it to me.
  5. Thats a good idea, I think I should do that. My weight fluctuates a lot (because I get greedy and overeat) but my chest size is VERY small. It doesn't help that one boob is smaller:rolleyes:. I know everyone has one boob bigger than the other but I didn't consider mine a *problem* until a plastic surgeon told me:push: ! Great another thing to worry about. I didn't end up getting surgery of course, but I got more info on my chest than I wanted.

    I'm also petite at almost 5'4 and barely a size A. :crybaby: How I wish I could be curvy on top. Just to make it more fun, there's me doing a Kim Kardashian (pic1) and checking out my boobage (pic2) LOL. This was yesterday at a friends house.Note the *curves* :roflmfao:

    --> I apologize for not helping answer the question, but I had fun posting!
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  6. ^^^^ lololol! :lol:
  7. Check out this website - it specializes in petite bras (even those with larger cups but petite frames) and the owner has several of her petite friends try each bra on and give their own critique before it goes up on her website.
  8. kneehighz,

    don't fret, i feel your pain. lol ... and i'm not even petit. i am 5'6 and i am quite tiny on top (i blame my asian genes and the fact that as i grew up, i slept on my stomach every night LOL.) everyday of my life, i've contemplated surgery... it really sucks to be so self conscious for my entire life. :crybaby:but i dont think i could ever go through with it.

    and just so you know, i think you look gorgeous in those pics! your body is beautiful!!! =)

  9. I'm pretty small in the chest region as well. Le Mystere and Wacoal make some pretty good bras for those of us whose cups don't runneth over. Wacoal even has styles they specifically designate as petites.
  10. oh yeah wonderbra has some pretty amazing pushup bras! LOL theyre similar to the VS very sexy infinity edge pushup
  11. First of all congratulations on your weightloss.

    Secondly, I agree with bean617 -if your body has changed so much, you do need a bra fitting. it sound sterrifying but it's not! the bra fitting lady will be used to it... no biggie.

    kneehighz you're so cute hah hah you're a very pretty girl
  12. Wow, that's some weight loss! Congratulations!

    Okay, I'd go get yourself PROFESSIONALLY fitted and then check out They carry 32s, 30s, and even 28s! For me personally, as a fellow girl with a "modest" bust (read: barely there), I can *sometimes* find bras from Victoria's Secret that fit well (REALLY varies from style to style), otherwise it's Calvin, Wacoal, and Playtext bras. Playtex actually does "nearly" sizing for those who are not a full cup size!
  13. I am so glad to have read these thread!! I'm small and can wear certain 32As from Victoria's Secret. But Gap Body has some fits nicely too.

    But I'll definitely take a look at the others you all suggested!
  14. Is there a place where you can get them professionally fitted or do I need to go to a store like Victoria's Secret or GAP Body?