Battlestar Galactica

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  1. Does anyone here watch Battlestar Galactica?

    I usually hate space shows but this is my (& husbands) favorite show of all time . it's in season 3 now. I didn't think I'd like it but now I'm totally hooked :heart:
    Check it out if you haven't yet ;)
  2. Haven't kept up with the new one, but when the old series was aired in the 80's, I was a huge fan.
  3. Guilty! Like this show. Not following everything going on in the show right now. Missed a couple of episodes.
  4. We watch it here-not such a fan of this particular season, but I still watch it. I had to LOL when I saw it was in Soap Opera Weekly!:P It's a soap! It's Sci-fi!!
  5. I love Battlestar Galactice! My teenagers got me hooked on the show last winter. We couldnt wait until this season's premier! We even named a pet (bunny rabbit) Admiral Adama!!
  6. I LOVE it!!! Especially when they came back to New Caprica two weeks ago? When they broke through the atmosphere and then jumped, that was waayyyyyy cool!
  7. Nice to see quite a few people who like the show :smile:
    most women see that it's a space show and turn around lol big mistake imho ;) it's too good to miss!

    and yes kathyrose I agree with you :biggrin: it was rly cool when they broke through the atmosphere and then jumped ^^

    I feel so sorry for Colonel Saul cuz of what happened to his wife :sad: I criiiiied so much.
  8. OMG! I couldn't believe he did that but then realized that he had to. He's that kind of guy, KWIM? Following the rules and all. :crybaby:
  9. Yeah :sad: I was SO mad at him but he had to :/ cause if he didn't..they would have :'( and he didn't want her to suffer..
  10. Lol, I can't believe it. A Battlestar G. thread in the Purse Forum. I love the show, though, sometimes it's too dark and angsty for me. At the beginning, I started watching it when the away team was stranded on Kobol, I was nearly put off the show, because of all the violence and death.
  11. My boyfriend loves it! But I'm not really into sci-fi...
  12. my husband and all his work buddies watch it. it has definately become one of his favorite shows. because he likes it so much, i tried watching the mini series when he brought it home. i don't have anything against sci fi, but i just couldn't get into it. he assures me that if i watched a few episodes, i'd be hooked. i'm planning to buy the first season for him come christmas time, so we'll see. he's never been wrong before...well, never wrong about tv shows i'd like anyway. :smile:

    on a side note, it bothers me that sci fi makes half season dvd sets but still charges $35 to $45 for them. :yucky: