Battle Royale/Batoru Rowaiaru

  1. Okay ... please tell me I'm not the only one who has seen this? If you hadn't seen this movie, go rent it!! It's an awesome Japanese movie based on a manga (comic book series). Here's the summary from imdb:

    At the dawn of the new millennium, Japan is ina a state of near-collapse. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and violence amongst the nations youth is spiralling out of control. With school children boycotting their lessons and physically abusing their teachers, a beleaguered and near-defeated government decides to introduce a radical new measure: the Battle Royale Act Overseen by their former teacher, Kitano ('Beat' Takeshi) and requiring that a randomly chosen school class be taken to a deserted island and forced to fight each other to the death, the Act dictates that only one pupil be allowed to survive the punishment. He or she will return, not as the victor, but as the ultimate proof of the lengths to which the government are prepared to go to curb the tide of juvenile disobedience.

    It's truly a great film. It really makes you think and definitely makes for a good discussion topic.
  2. i need to watch it again just to remind myself of the finer details - but i remember thinking "what the heck would i do in that situation?" and also it would truly suck to get the crappy weapon out of the lot - like a short range knife :sad:

    also: that crazy guy with the bleeding eyes is :heart:3333
  3. There were certainly lots of eye candies in that film, even on the minor characters:yes:. I think the acting was well done and I really feel bad for the characters. They had NO WAY OUT! It's amazing to see how the will to survive is prevalent in all age groups. I kept forgetting that they were only 9th graders!
  4. I've heard about this movie but haven't seen it yet. Seems very interesting.
  5. OMG!!! i love this movie!!!
    it's a great movie, but the sequel (battle royale II) kinda disappointing :P
  6. this movie was crazy! i think it's the concept behind it that is so shocking.
  7. if you like this movie, try to find "it's all about lily chou-chou" directed by shunji iwaii.
    it's also a movie about the same issue of school kids in japan. the movie is not violent, but it has a great plot and story.
  8. I saw this movie about 2 years ago!
    It was interesting, but I didnt quite like it.
    But Im bad with too much violence.
  9. I think the concept behind the death-match is quite shocking and not necessarily practical. However, I think it is used as a plot device to generate such a scenario where youngsters have to deal with life and death situations. Quite frankly, I think a more effective way to deal with this "youth problem" would've been to punish the kids who are truly problematic as opposed to using the lottery system where innocent individuals have to die (btw, I'm AGAINST this whole killing thing). However, the lottery system does afford such a dramatic flare and make this movie controversial and at the same time a subject for debate.

    What I found interesting (and disturbing) is the fact that even though these kids were still kids, they did what the adults would do in such a situation - survive at all costs. We always talk about how it's a dog eat dog world for the grown-ups, but sometimes adults and children may not be all that different when it comes to human instincts. It also gives us perspective on how different people deal with such life-and-death situation differently. Some of the students chose to end their own lives, others had an utopian idea with hope that things would work out, and then there were some who would do whatever it takes to survive - if it meant killing everyone in sight.

    When I was watching this movie, I kept asking myself what I would've done in their shoes. Can you imagine how awful it must be when you have to face the choices of killing your best friends or the person you love in order to survive? I highly doubt any survivor would ever be the same after such an ordeal. Trying situations like the one depicted in the film really brought out the best and the worst in human nature. I think it's precisely the issues that this movie brought up that made this film such a good one, even though it is quite disturbing.