Battle of the Vernis Wallet-Koala VS French Purse


Battle of the Vernis wallet- koala vs the french purse

  1. Vernis Koala

  2. Vernis French Purse

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  1. Which one do you prefer and why?

  2. FP because the gold buckle on Koalas gets scratched easily and also cuz I think the FP is more feminine, good luck choosing!:biggrin:
  3. ^same here. FP is more feminine and has 8 cc slots. Koalas press clips can be loose so it scratches more easily. It also has no room for coins.
  4. I have owned both (not in Vernis) and prefer a larger wallet. But if I had to choose I would say the french purse only b-cuz i don't understand thta little see-through window on the koala. Just my opinon :shrugs:

    but they are both cute wallets. I only sold mine b-cuz I prefer a larger wallet. Otheriwse they would both be keepers
  5. French purse, I would be afraid of the buckle scratching on the Koala.
  6. thanks guys, i have the French purse in the epi, i do love the style, but it only has four credit card slots, and i really want vernis wallet (even though its high maintenance). and recently I've been lemming the koala style.
    oh...why do LV make so many pretty things :drool:
  7. I do like koala better because of the cute design and more credit card slots. I have french purse in epi. I think the style is elegant, but I don't like when taking bills in and out. The slot is too steep and there aren't many credit card slots. If you already have a french purse, why don't you try koala? it will add a variety in your collection.
  8. I'm afraid the koala might be too bulky, especially if i have alot of notes/bills
    will it close up properly?
  9. snobbychick, check out the link below to see the photo of love_purse's koala. Yeah, if you have too many cards, and notes, it might be too bulky. I've got a headache every time I want a new wallet. I thought of Koala at first, but then I decided to go with the pochette porte in pomme. But I'm sure sooner or later, I will add koala to my collection.
  10. french purse. i dont really like that koala buckle so much...
  11. i'm the odd one! I love the koala. Useful and beautiful all in 1!
  12. I love the Koala !
  13. i like the french purse.
  14. I love koala because it's very compact..
  15. i'm having a same problem!! i wanna hear more opinions!!!