Battle of the Speedies -Weigh this out! (pic)


Which Speedy?

  1. Mono

  2. Epi

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. My purchase of a speedy has been long overdue!
    So please help me decide...

    Mono - sure it's popular but I don't mind it too too much...
    Epi - love this colour but I'm not familiar with this line and am afraid of the 'wrinkles'... anything else I should be afraid of?

    Ultimately, which speedy weighs more in favour to you?

  2. Personally, I don't like anything with plain LV. I would prefer Epi.
  3. i LOVE that pic!
    i picked mono!
  4. Ha, great pic!
    I voted Epi :love:
  5. I pick mono. I know there are a lot of epi lovers in here but to me it just looks like any ordinary bag. The mono is a head turner. JMO. Good luck with your decision....very cute picture.
  6. I vote for epi, but I prefer in red. :heart:
  7. Love the mono speedy. Get that one!!! Goes with everything.
  8. Cute pic!! I vote for the mono. Great bag!
  9. A Speedy is such a great classic bag...there is so many nice ones to choose from. Also take a look at the mini lin speedy, it's so pretty! My vote went for the mono. Good luck!
  10. Voted for the Monogram. I really like he Mini Lin it's really gorgeous.
  11. cute pic! i voted epi. :smile:
  12. Canelle Epi.
  13. Canelle epi.
  14. MONO for sure!
  15. Mono or go for Damier if you don't want to worry about the patina. The Epi speedy is slightly bigger than the mono or Damier versions, so definately put the Epi and Mono side by side to compare them before you buy.

    I do think the Epi in black with silver hardware looks great!!