Battle of the red leather totes! Marc by Marc Jacobs VS Coach Ergo


Battle of the $400 Red Leather Totes..Marc by Marc Vs. Coach Ergo

  1. Coach Red Patent Ergo

  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Teri in Cordovan

  3. I love and would keep both even tho I cant afford it!

  4. I think both are gnarly and I would get my money back now!

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  1. Both gorgeous shades of red. Both close to 400 dollars. Both roomy with lots of organization options.

    I am at a loss. What do I do ladies!? Their both so...FOXY!!!!

    Tell me what you think. Which would you keep?
  2. Marc by Marc.

    Oops..the first poll option is for the Coach Ergo which is in the second set of pictures (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the bags) is the shiny red with rainbow-like lining.

    The dark burgundy wine bag with two big pockets and self-explanatory marc jacobs scrambled lining is the Teri
    0afc_12.JPG 0ae7_12.JPG 0a77_12.JPG
  3. Coach Ergo
    54857464_tp.jpg 54857515_tp.jpg
  4. I voted for the MbyMJ. I like the ergo tote, but not in patent too much!
  5. i have the coach large ergo hobo in red patent leather and i love's incredibly lightweight and fits everything i need it to fit...i had steered away from coach for a long time, but, wandered in and saw this bag...i get a ton of compliments on it, too...what if you bought both, try your stuff in them and see how they feel to you?
  6. I like the Coach... the teri is a great bag, but the cordovan is not such a vibrant red.
  7. I voted for the "gnarly" one, but I wouldn't have put it like that! lol Neither are really my style. Sorry! I know you are a fan of Botkier. :smile: Did you like anything from the new fall line? You could wait until some online boutiques carry it and use a 25-30% off code???
  8. Tough call! I've seen both IRL, and they are very nice, well made bags for that pricepoint. This doesn't help much with deciding, but you really can't go wrong here! :shrugs: I guess I view the Coach as slightly more dressy/classic and the MbMJ as slightly more hip/funky.
  9. LOL Ashakes...yeah I actually have another red bag! It is the Cherry Botkier from the new fall line! No question about my love for that one!
  10. You really think its dressy? I had hoped so...I just can imagine what dressy clothes I could wear with this. Then again, I am a fashion moron so maybe thats why.

    what kind of dressy outfit would you wear with the ergo?
  11. If you already have a red leather Botkier bag, I'd say go for something different and get the Coach patent. :yes:
  12. MJ all the way! I might be biased here, because I love MJ, but although the Coach one's shape is nice, the patent looks a bit over the top for such design.
  13. personally i am a coach lover i LOVE the ergo line but i voted for the MJ bag cause i dont really love patent leather in that bright bright red
  14. I kind of like the way the red pops on the coach bag so I voted for that one.
  15. I reeeeaaallllyyyyy like the coach's gorgeous!