Battle of the pythons--see my pics!

  1. thank you for following this python saga. i won't rehash it here but finally here are pics of the entire brew.

    Battle #1: which tote to keep...bronze or green? they are slightly diff in shapes but both have the detachable pochette with tassel. the khaki is a subtle metallic and the green is matte so there's a lot more variation in the color. in the hand the bronze is much smoother and the green feels "dry" and rougher. The green one is $100 more expensive than the bronze one, like that makes any diff now, haha!

    whadya think? i really want to keep the bronze flap with tassel (am giving the bronze clutch to someone) so that'd be my one concern about keeping the bronze tote. otherwise i love them all so am confused confused confused!




  2. Battle #2: in this corner here we have the baby blue she a keeper? it's really teeny tiny and while i love the pop of color, my BFF keeps calling it juvenile. now i dunno if he means it's too young (then i should really be insulted haha) looking or maybe the size makes it too teeny bopper? he's english so maybe juvenile means something else--i dunno, but anyway i feel a little weird about it now. plus i already have a light blue distressed lambskin flap, so should this blue one go bye-bye??

  3. here's the family shot:

  4. Such a tough choice Larkie...

    On gut I like the bronze more, but then I get confused too when I throw in the fact that you're planning on keeping the bronze flap. I guess it'd depend if the more matte tote gets your heart pumping on its own merit? Given that the function of the tote and the flap is quite different, perhaps it'd be alright two have the same colour. I loove how the metallic bronze looks in python!
  5. Larkie,

    Definitely the bronze, hands down! That has to be most beautiful shade of bronze that I have ever seen! I wish that spring would bring a reissue in that color!

    I think the baby blue flap is adorable. It's a delicate shade of blue that compliments the smaller sized flap perfectly! Congrats again Miss Python Queen! :heart:
  6. Gawd, that bronze tote is SO classy and chic!! :heart:
  7. ya here i thought it would be really simple to decide once they were all together, but i'm now thoroughly confused.

    i think the prob is that i tried on my HG bag today....i know i've been talking about the grey alligator tote as being my HG but that's soo not it anymore! i saw the most gorgeous alligator jumbo flap and it costs the same, almost to the dollar, as all of 7 of the python bags combined. and the lil voice is telling me to give up the python game and go over to the dark side...ugh ugh ugh.

    anyway i have to sleep on this, definitely not keeping both totes. i'm hoping you ladies will help me go in the right direction!

    here's another shot of the family.

  8. I LOVE the green one:love::love::love:, the color variations and the E/W shape is perfect, I love the bronze as well but if it were a decision between the two I would definetly pick the green tote and then keep the bronze flap with the tassel
  9. ITA with Jenn - the bronze is freakin TDF!!! No competition IMO. Love, love, love it!!!!!! :love: :love:

    And I love the combination of the baby blue colour and the python leather...too cool!!!!
  10. Larkie are you referring to the blue or pink jumbo alligator flap at SCP? :nuts: I saw those last week and just about died in the store. :love:

    Sharon! Great minds think alike, right? ;) :heart:
  11. I really think the bronze one is beautiful but I kind of like the shape of the green one better.
  12. I would keep the multi-color tote and the bronze flap. I'm not sure about the metallic tote for the long run. You can always pull of the khaki tote.

    I LOVE the red and the blue also. Definitely keepers.

    idldb - I sent in my purple python a few weeks ago for conditioning and it came back even more beautiful. I have to snap some pics of the before/after.
  13. The bronze tote... no question about it!!! :yes:

  14. the tag says "bordeaux" but it's like a bronzey-olivey-burgundy color and the inside was lined in that bordeaux leather as with the grey reissue. the alligator had a nice sheen without being metallic--it was just beyond words! my throat went dry when i saw it :lol:. definitely LOVE at first sight. i made the mistake of trying it on, too, so now for me nothing will come close to this bag:push:. it was really freaky! i saw it in the case as soon as we stepped inside the boutique and everything and everyone else faded to grey. sooo tempted to hand over the credit least i'd get a bunch of incircle points, hehe!
  15. It could be juvenile on someone else... but not on you. Nothing looks juvenile on you.