Battle of the pochettes!


which one, which one???

  1. Pink cb pochette

  2. vernis fleurs lexington!

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  1. help!
    i need to choose betweent these two, and fast!
    Vernis fleur lexington,


    or cb pochette?
  2. CB hands down! ; )
  3. agree with michelle, cb....
  4. I love the Lexington, but not in that colour. I love the pink one or black one. Therefore, I choose CB.
  5. Second that!
  6. ooh I don't know that's a tough one
  7. I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Fleur Lexington, but it's the black w/ white flowers....not sure I like this other combo. I have to say though I used my Lexington the other night and got SOOO many compliments on it. :yes: They're both cute, you can't go wrong!
  8. CB for sure.
  9. I like the cherry blossom.
  10. the thing is with the cb... i think someone else on this forum wants it.. so i dont want to hurt their feelings..
  11. Grab the CB bvbirdygirl!
  12. like she said you can't go wrong on either bag.... but for me it's the lexington :yes:
  13. you don't see too many of the lexingtons around, so i'd pick that!
  14. aaaah. so many choices!
    i need more votes:s
  15. Oh, tough one. I like the vernis but in the black color, so I choose the cb.