Battle of the Nikkis!

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Which do you prefer? Ocean or Night Blue

  1. Ocean

  2. Night Blue

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am so ready to buy a Nikki! Im in love with both the Ocean and Night Blue colors. The Ocean has thick, smooth leather with RM's new hardware, and the Night Blue has heavily distressed blue leather with a tinge of purple and comes with the Resort hardware (studs)

    Which do you prefer!?


    Night Blue
  2. I personally like the Night Blue better. I like the studs--they give it a little something extra. Plus purple is a fun color! And its dark enough that you can wear it in the fall/winter months, but also bright enough in the sun that you can wear it during spring/summer! GL!
  3. I would say go for the night blue 1st! It's harder to find now so if you see it grab it! IMO it is one of the best nikki colur ever! :yes:
  4. NIGHT BLUE all the way. :drool:
  5. Night Blue!
  6. Night Blue. The studs make it unique and it will be hard to find one later if you change your mind. Plus, it's an awesome color! Unlike any other. And I like the distressed leather in the Night Blue.

    But, then again, I could be biased...
  7. Guess I'm in the minority....I like the Ocean!!! The Night Blue is a little too purpley for me.
  8. It's actually a little less purply IRL than it is in The Hip Chick pic. The photos someone posted of their MAM (was it Samia?) were a better representation of the color. It looks different in different lights.
  9. Night Blue!!

    So smooshy and a great color
  10. I'd go with the Ocean. I like it better in the Nikki. I like the Night Blue better on the Morning After Bag/Mini.
  11. I would go with Ocean.
  12. Ocean... I'm not a fan of the studs but that's my own personal preference! That and I'm contemplating getting an Ocean Nikki of my own... okay so I might be biased!

    You could always wait for the sample sales to see if either are available... or wait for the Summer or FALL lines to grab a Nikki!
  13. night blue, it's year round and the color is so interesting! my favorite bag in my collection!
  14. i'm a fan of the brighter colors! I'd say Ocean all the way!
  15. Night blue... has a deeper and more versatile colour IMO and will go with more!