Battle of the green--please help!

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  1. Hi, everybody! I’ve decided that for my next bag, I want a 30 cm birkin in green. As to leather, I want Togo as I prefer structured to slouchy. I’ve nailed down to Vert Anis and Chartreuse. Are both of these colors not available right now? Does it require special order? By looking at the pic, I kind of prefer VA for its pureness and crispness. But I am afraid will it be too bright that I might get tired of it someday? Will the dirt easily shown on VA? Should I choose a more muted green as in Chartreuse? Is Chartreuse available in togo at all?

    Please share your opinion and experiences. I know it was discussed before but I wanted to hear new opinions.

    PS. As to Hardware, I can do both but would prefer a GH as it is rarer and gives the bag some warm feeling. What do you think about HW?

    Sorry for so many questions. Thanks so much for any feedback!
  2. Have you seen the pics of the new green called Vert Bengale? It is a beautiful emerald green and would look fantastic with gold or pall h/w.
  3. your ideas sound fantastic! i'm not super familiar with the different greens- anyone have swatches?
  4. If you look in the reference library there is a thread devoted to the green colour family:

    Personally I would prefer the Chartreuse as I think it's a more year round colour and probably easier to coordinate with, but it depends on where you live and what colours you tend to wear (& obviously what bags you already have!:biggrin:)
  5. Can't comment on the colour as it is really a tough choice.

    For HW wise, I would strongly vote for the GH. My own green bag (vert cru) is with GH and I am very pleased with it.
  6. I chose chartreuse over VA and had to special order it. IMO the color is still bright and not muddy, but not quite as "brilliant" as VA. I felt it worked better for me. I get many compliments on it.
    As far as hardware is concerned, I think that palladium works better with these greens. Greens like vert pelouse, I would think differently about.
  7. You seem to be leaning more towards a brighter green, and if that's the case, go with Chartreuse. I have a Ulysse in this color and love it.

    I can't bring myself to buy such a bright green bag, though! My green Jypsiere is Vert Veronese which is more of an army green!
  8. I love this thread. I'm into green as well. I love Vert Olive, Vert Bronze, Vert Veronese (but it's from past season and I am afraid discontinued), Chartreuse is splendid, and I think I prefer Chartreuse vs Anis because of the brownish stitching? Please If I am wrong, correct me.
  9. Thanks for the comments so far, ladies. Lulilu, can I know what leather is your chartreuse? I wonder if it is available in togo as I remember the few pics I saw were in clemence.
  10. [​IMG]

    Chartreuse Togo
  11. Some pics I found on this forum. Pls these pics are not mines, and i want to apologize to their owners but they are not watermarked. I think the first one is Chartreuse, the second one is vert olive and last Anis.

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  12. ^^^the first bag is mine and is chartreuse clemence..
  13. I like chartreuse. :tup:

    lulilu - You got a very nice bag. I want one sooooo bad. :cry:
  14. I vote for chartreuse. Here's my first birkin (chartreuse clemence):

  15. Sorry lulilu. Your Bag is to die for .. :P