Battle of the epi's.....decision time pple!!!!

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  1. Hi folks,

    Oh my, this so hard (literally pulling my hair out) can't seem to decide !!!!

    Am in love with the dazzling pont neuf GM in black, but instead I could get

    A black alma and a speedy 30 cassis for the same price u know........ And I kinda

    lyk the bowling GM in cassis and black as well

    (but I really need a black classy bag)

    Tell me guys, Which Bag (s) should I take home,huh????
  2. I'd rather have the Black Alma and the Cassis Speedy. The black Alma is classy. :biggrin:
  3. Any chance you can go to a store and try them all on? Maybe then you'll just *feel* which one to get??
  4. All are really nice but I vote for Black Alma and/or Speedy 30 in Cassis. :smile:
  5. I REALLY like the Pont Neuf GM. My vote is there....especially since you say you love it. Will you always wish you got the Pont Neuf or will you get over it? That's really what you need to decide.
  6. I would choose the Black Alma and the Cassis Speedy :biggrin: Those are lovely!
  7. I vote for speedy or alma. The pont neuf gm looks too much like a briefcase than a handbag. More for business/work, kwim?
  8. Without hesitation get the Black Epi Alma. I have one and love it. I have owned this bag for well over 10 years and I think they will place it in my coffin! It is the classiest bag in the world.
  9. Black alma and speedy cassis! The alma is a classic, and the cassis is soooo beautiful, especially the lining!!
  10. Alma & Speedy
  11. Alma and Speedy!
  12. I agree with this!!!! GL deciding
  13. I'd say the Cassis Speedy. That's my favorite of your options. The Pont Neuf is gorgeous, too, though. Good luck deciding!
  14. alma and speedy
  15. Agreed. I have the Speedy 30 in Cassis and people stop me all the time and ask me about it (non LV people). I LOVE the black alma in epi too, it's on my list of bags I want to have some day. I have a friend that has it and it's so gorgeous and timeless.